Graduation&Karaoke :)

I haven’t blogged in so long but that is because my net IS capped and it makes using the internet very very hard. However, I miss blogging and I shall try to make this work! (Well it should be fairly easy albeit the uploading photos part which I might have to limit)
So these past two weeks have been so very very busy.
They’ve both been filled with tests, midsems, quizes, assignments and exercises. But on Thursday, my older brother graduated from University with a Bachelor of Economics/Commerce :) So Congratulations to him! (and boo to the fact that I got home at like 11.30PM and had to do an exercise due the next day and study for a test for the next day too – procrastinator alert?)

Thank you to my awesome friends: Vu, Xin, Jonhsan, Hei, Linda and Tien for staying back with me to keep me company! (Also thank you for buying Vu and I dinner – Happy Meals!)
Friday was another awesome day. Not only did I find out that my lectures weren’t on to give us time to do the exercise that I finished the previous night, but a PhD student was giving out $10 to any Asian who completed a survey for his thesis. The survey was about the interactions and views between Chinese descendants and Anglo-Australians. (Although, we all agree that his thesis was really about what Asians would do just for $10 ..well for money.)
But yes, I also went for Karaoke that night with awesome friends :)

We spent the night singing random songs and changing lyrics to funny ones and trying all the different non-alcoholic drinks on the menu x] The night was fun and I’m glad that I got to take my mind off work and tests for awhile ♥
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