First time …

taking public transport.
Yes, you heard that right. I am 18 years old (19 this year) and before today, I have never used the public transport to take me anywhere (excursions do not count) . I pretty much never needed to ever use it considering my parents are willing to drive me anywhere I want to go. :] But for the sake of dinner and well, just experiencing what my friends have to endure everyday …I ventured on to a bus with Vu and Hei as my guides :3

Well pretty much, Hei was teasing me for the entire bus ride whilst Vu actually helped me :] Well he pretty much bought my ticket (^∇^) But yes.. I have more photos but we all look pretty retarded on the bus so you can instead see Vu’s intense stalking skills by taking a picture of Hei and I meeting up with Xin :3

We camwhored a little in Century City Walk whilst waiting for people to show up.
(Translation of camwhoring: Taking photos of Alan and Vu being their respective Seme and Uke with each other … :D) But yes, after about 30minutes of random camwhoring and waiting around.. everyone was present :)
We (Vu, Alan, Kim, Xin, Hei, James, Jonhsan, Jeremy and I) then headed off to KimChi Hut for my long awaited dinner. (My stomach was practically growling in my Biophysics lab ..)

I’m not even going to bother trying to name every thing because I seriously don’t remember. However, I do remember that the Takoyaki tasted really nice ..and I’m salivating for some right now!

But yeah …here’s a pretty fail picture of us but stilll …

Pretty sure Alan and Vu both looked awesome in eyeliner today, RIGHT GUYS :D?
I really enjoyed the evening, spending time with really awesome people and I’m glad that I’ve made these friends at Uni :3
♥ ♥ ♥
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