The Second Week

So I really don’t mean to be blogging once per week but I’m seriously lazy and well I don’t like blogging without pictures and I don’t have many of that anymore ><" I really need to buy a new camera. and sell my old one... suggestions anyone?

As soon as I get my camera, I’m going to start taking outfit shots because I’m seriously wearing new things each day and I feel sad that it’s not getting documented ): Using my camera phone is hard since it’ll just take my torso. But yes, this is what I wore on Wednesday (:

Wednesday was also the day that I got these books of Ryan. They snapped my bag strap. And killed my feet that were in heels because of all the extra mass added on to me :I It was also the day of the Anime screening [watched skip beat & baka to test to shokanju] :) and when I finally got my MCAC membership card xD

This is from my Buoyancy lab for Medical Biophysics on Thursday. Our goat was too fat to fit into our beaker :/ And the questions were so hard ): But everyone still got full marks anyways.
Okay, I’m off to study some Kanji~
How are you all doing at Uni :3 ?

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