Syringes, Cards and Lectures

I was going to blog this last night but I got distracted again:|
Anyways, Week 3 has come by and gone once again. I’m slowly getting in to the rhythm of University life and I guess so far it’s been quite good.
(This is not including the boring lectures and piles and piles of study I gotta do which I have yet to start)
So on Thursday I had a Physics lab and we were testing fluid flow.

My lab partners thought I was a freak for taking these photos. But whatever. Anything for my blog, right? :D The lab was quite fun, despite it being tedious and slightly irritating.
In those instances, when I close my eyes and the rest of the world stays silent, I like to imagine that nothing has changed. And to imagine that you were here by my side, guarding me from the things that scare me the most. But then I open my eyes and that image of you vanishes.
And I’m by myself once again.
Fridays are always horrible for me because I have three lectures in a row but yesterday’s events made up for it with laughter (:

I think I got to stop bringing my laptop to lectures because despite that being on the screen (left) I pretty much alt + tab it to msn / facebook ALL the time. And if you can see on the right picture, Patrick and I are communicating via msn about Katrina in between us xD
I met Shima sensei after that with Fi.
Spoke about things in general and then hung out with the Anime Club at 4 till about 530.

I tried to learn how to play cards but I fail. I think they were playing Hearts in this photo ?

This was James’ hand.
Is this a good hand for Hearts? I know one of you guys might read this so please tell me T_T
(No but seriously I will learn how to play these games ….one day)

I think I will never wear this skirt to Uni again. Unless I know for sure that I won’t be sitting on the floor. So freaking hard to sit _ _;

Oh and just a reminder..

I’m still answering questions people! (:
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8 comments to Syringes, Cards and Lectures

  • Vincent

    I like your facial expressions. :P Three lectures in a row.. that's so much sitting. I only have one lecture on Friday, but I treat it as a day off. :)

    Anime club! I want in.

  • Melody

    Join join join join!! :3

  • James

    asif not know how to play cards

  • Tienyi

    eeee there was once i wore this dress to uni that i REALLY liked, but ended up having to pull it up every two minutes because it kept slipping down my chest WTF. (uh this is relevant because of your skirt!)

    andddd. i love you baby<3 and, uh, you're welcome to imagine me anytime! and i won't disappear.

  • OJ

    You actually get real burettes in physics *jealous*! T_T Stupid chem. Seriously, worst equipment ever. :( It's like, 1970's technology. Arhrahgharhgahrgahrghargharhgha.

    If you want to play Hearts, just play it on Windows…it comes free with every computer. Basically, 2 diamonds starts each round, you have to play the same suit as the first card played, if you play the highest card of that suit in a hand you get the hand. If you don't have any cards of that hand, you can play anything. If you get a heart card, that's one point. Points are bad. Queen of spades is 13 points. However, if you get the Queen of spades as well as all the hearts, the other three players get 25 points. I don't quite know how the game ends, but that's the basics.

    You sound really lonely. I can't imagine what it'd be like for you having your boyfriend over in Brisbane. But you'll always have friends at Anime Club, if you ever need some company. Even if we are a bit…strange. xD

    Finding Nemo is awesome :)

  • Melody

    @james >: its not my fault baby

    @tienyi eehh yes i have lots of shirts/dresses that are just too low for me :( oh and i think about you every single night ;D

    @oliver that isn't a burette ): ! its a syringe :D burettes are much bigger than that haha ..and its okay xD you guys being weird makes me feel less lonely (:

    …nemo is a hermaphrodite D:

  • OJ

    …But…it's in a burette stand and everything! T_T How tricky :(
    I hate dijis. Give me a good old burette any day.

    Yay collective wierdness xD

    …he is? But…what…


    ogh I can't look at needles. Really nasty stuff missy. Nice outfit though! Hello from canada!!! I finally stumbled upon your blog. I like how everything is written on here, easy to read. I don't want to sound too random but I just wanted to say hi. I think I'll check back more often~

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