First week

I was suppose to edit the post below, but I thought I may as well start a new post talking about my first week! Well I can definitely say that University is definitely much better than high school, although much more tiring. (Or maybe that’s just because I have 23contact hours and all my lecture rooms are spread apart?) Well …on with my week (:

Monday 1st March 2010;
I arrived at the University at about 9.40am for my first class which happened to be Japanese 5 and located in the Law building. I found the place pretty – kind of – easily and sat outside waiting for the class to begin. When it finally did, I sat next to a stranger, whose name is Grace! :) My lecturer, Hashimoto-sensei is pretty awesome xD Well I think she is so far, at least :P So yeah, it was pretty much introduction plus some small grammar things.

Yup, after that Grace and I went to the campus center, airport lounge to meet the Anime Club (let me input this now, if it weren’t for the Anime Club ..I would probably have no friends xD) BUt anyways, I saw Katrina there which happened to be someone I met at my Biomed transition program :D I spent my two hour break talking with new people and etc (:
At 1pm, it was off to my jap tutorial with Grace and it was alright – nothing that hard yet!
Had another hour break and just spent it with the Anime club xD

Then had two lectures in a row with Katrina (BMS1031 – biophysics and BMS1021 -cells,tissues,organisms)

Tuesday 2nd March 2010
This was my freaking 8am start day :I and it’s Medical Biophysics too so its like massively boring and makes you want to crawl back in to bed and sleep. Well, anyways after that I had a 5hour break so Katrina and I went up to Grain express to find Andrew, Brad ..and a few others I don’t remember now. Katrina and I studied for a bit. A member who I don’t remember now came along and passed us these from Japan;

That is Melon flavour and Corn flavour. THEY TASTE FREAKING AWESOME despite how weird they must sound. But yeah, I gave up studying after awhile and just went on my laptop. Katrina then had to go off to a class I ended up playing Robot Unicorn Attack with other people haha :P (which by the way is an awesome game haha)

Went to another lecture at 2pm and that was the end of that day.

Wednesday 3rd March 2010
I start at 12pm on this day (which was awesome because I really need my sleep!) with a Medical Biophysics. I had an hour break then, but on this day, the Anime club (and a whole lot of others too) had its 2010 welcoming BBQ so Katrina, Vichuda and I went off to that:)

This is the only photo I have that Damien took, I think. From left to right, there’s Vichuda, me, Katrina and Steve at the back. The day was pretty hot and the JLC area was pretty packed I didn’t end up eating anything. I then had to run off to my 3 hour Histology prac. (It was like a freaking maze to find it – luckily Katrina helped and these other girls were lost too) We had a prac using microscopes and it was so damn hard to find my freaking paramecium – I think I ended up killing them in the end … but yes :)

Thursday 4th March 2010

I started off having a Biophysics lab at 9am and it was super hard to find because I didn’t know anyone else who was on at the same time, hence I had no one to follow T~T But I ended up finding it in the end ..and was not late ! (although I was having horrible cramps:I) We were grouped up and my group was filled with girls :) Our lab was to pretty much just weighing ourselves and measuring our heights – then plotting it on to graphs and discussing if there was a relationship between it and etc. And then how to figure out BMI using graphing and etc :) I’m 152 cm (with shoes on that had a bit of heel I guess 151cm) and 46.6kg (with the shoes on too) so that would approximately make my BMI ..around 20.4 I think it is – which is average BMI (phew) Yup. So finished an early then had a 4hour break because my tutorial wasn’t on that week. Hung out with Rachel for a bit at the library, then with the Anime club later on :) Had a lecture at 4-5 for Biomed chem ..then headed off to the Japanese Club BBQ with Katrina, Vu, Lucy, Tony and …I think that was it.

I had some pretty nice Yakisoba. It wasn’t that bad at least :) Considering I was like starving. Sat and spoke for a bit – then Rach came ..and I sent her home :)

Friday 5th March 2010
Japanese Seminar from 9-11am this morning and I was cramping again. I made a new friend named Louisa (: We did a listening exercise and conversed in Japanese.

We also had to bring photos of our friends/friends and speak about them :D I had put them on my phone last night so it was all okay xD Lousia and I ended up talking about JE though hahah :P She likes NEWS whilst I like ARASHI ^^” So it was super fun. Went to Anime Club then – met Katrina again. Sat around and spoke with them for awhile before leaving to our THREE consecutive lectures in a row. (which all happen to be pretty far from each other). Rotunda -> South 1 -> Central 1 ..guhh that was a horrible walk. And again, the lectures were quite boring.
It was Cells, Tissues, Organisms -> Biochem -> Cells, Tissues, Organisms . *face palm

So far, this first week has definitely felt like one of the most tiring weeks I’ve ever had to experience. Melanie was saying today that she should take photos of Katrina and I (all tired and worn out) and keep taking it each week to see if we’re getting more tired or more relaxed xD More tired = we’re actually going to lectures/studying …and well you should know what more relaxed means :) But I’m enjoying it so far!! And I’m super glad that I joined the Anime club, who are super active …all the time.

This has been a long post..
How was YOUR first week of Uni?

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5 comments to First week

  • lynnnnk

    HAHA rotunda -> south 1 -> central 1 IS pretty far away HAHAHAHAHAHA. :D

  • Vincent

    I was at that Monday lecture (: I'll try spot you this Monday coming (while I'm half-asleep) :P

  • BHaV

    haha wow its good clayton actually has some clubs!!! peninsula SUCKS BALLS atleast theres a tavern and a cafe thing on campus with bean bags..the only good thing haha and omg i hate paramecium too! last year i did that prac and it was soo hard to keep track of it and then draw it at the same time!! eeeee well sounds rly good but with HUGE breaks!!?

  • Melody

    @lynn YES IT IS gah i feel like skipping them all from now on D:<\

    @anonymous/james i know you are the same person :3

    @bhav haha yeah>< i went to peninsula for my physio interview and it was like empty!!! ): sucky>_<"

  • Melody

    @vincent i still haven't seen you v.v

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