Why I love Nuffnang

Dearest Nuffnang,

There are many reasons why I love you, so much that it is almost impossible to write it all down here in this love letter. I guess the only way to begin even explaining the depth of how far this love goes, I must start from where our relationship began.

(The fact that I wore blue for you is a huge reason already)
It was actually through a beautiful friend named *Tienyi* that we met. Although I still have my doubts if you are indeed cheating on me with her, I must thank you for giving me the link to grow closer to this dearest friend. This comes to my first point of why my love goes to you. You seem to have the strength and the ability to bring people together – no matter where they are or who they are. It is possible that Tienyi and I might have drifted apart – although we went to the same high school – if it weren’t for you my dearest Nuffie ♥

So yes. We met and as a welcoming gift, you sent me a box full of goodies – which made me fall instantly in love with you. Although you spelled my address wrong, some how your love made its way to my house. Something that I still call fate. But yes, I was beyond happy when I opened that box to find beautiful free gifts. I think that was the moment where I fell in love with you.

Of course, using some of those free gifts that you sent (I sometimes wish that I was special enough to be the only one but alas, I found that you sent it to each and every single new person you met.) I made you a delicious cheesy puffs that I really hope you enjoyed.

Another reason I love you? Well, that time you introduced me to your awesome friend, Chupa Chups instantly made my day. I don’t know how you did it but somehow through this wonderful campaign, I was able to earn money just by blogging! This certainly astounded me and well, made me adore you so much more. Of course it happened again with Don. I don’t know how you did it, but you made blogging much more fun than it used to be.
But of course, every couple has their fights right? And we had ours countless of times. I really do understand that you have lots and lots of connections and friends across the globe. But it can’t help me be suspicious that you might have multiple of wives in Singapore or in Malaysia. Even the wonderful bloggers that you introduced me to through your challenges made me suspicious. I know that *ChocolateSuze* has a fiance, but it can’t help but make me feel that you are too close to her. But I guess that is something that I love about you too. You seem to be able to make everyone love you.

With your blogger meet ups (which I am terribly sorry I could not attend!), blogger awards (which I also could not attend due to graduation!) and your featured blogger of the month. It just makes me love you even more that you, beautiful Nuffnang, have the ability to hold events for people who might never have gotten the chance to meet in real life, and allow them to become friends. Actually, it is thanks to you, Nuffie, that I began to connect within this blogosphere.

So, I guess even though your generosity with challenges, competitions, free gifts and prizes..the thing I really do love the most about you is that you connect us. You bring us together. Just like how you introduced me to *Violet*, you have also brought many other bloggers together. I guess I just love that about you. So in gratitude, awe and love, I have written this love letter to you and baked these cupcakes just for you.

Happy Valentines Day Nuffnang

Love always and forever, Melody

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