The Awesome Dinner!

I was pretty much supposed to blog about this ..two days ago? But it was late because I uhm, became lazy and kind of forgot about it. But yes, on Wednesday 17th, a whole lot of us gathered at Rachel’s for dinner:) However, James, Gumji and I turned up early to cook :D

The first meal we prepared was spinach and ricotta cheese cannelloni :) Well James and I were preparing this as Gumji came. All you have to do really is mix in ricotta cheese and spinach (add some salt and pepper) and just stuff them in to cannelloni tubes which you can buy – or make if you want. (We bought)

You then just layer the cannelloni tubes in a bowl, alternating between tomato paste and tubes:) And of course we just covered it with cheese and bake it in the oven:) For ..45 minutes I think it was ..not really sure because I didn’t handle the oven and etc.

We cut up some potatoes, carrots and onions. *Note* There’s foil under them ..later :) Score and season your pork with salt, pepper, rosemary and olive oil :) And then stick it in the oven. Again, I didn’t handle the oven stuff at all so I don’t really know.

Note. The more fat there is ..the more…crackle and crisp your pork will look :) After the cooking is done, you can use the juices to make gravy/sauce by just putting it in a sauce pan and adding corn flour, water, sugar and a bit of chicken stock.
Around this time, most people started showing up bearing food.

Fiona and Sylvia brought the two salads. Ken, Siu and Sharon brought dessert (which will be shown later) Winnie also brought dessert (later) And Alex brought drinks :)

We were um, pretty hungry by now :) It was around 7.30PM ? And I hadn’t eaten since 9AM haha (: But yeah, the dinner was awesome! It was filled with funny, random moments and delicious food :) :) :)

Look at that pork! :D

Here are the desserts (: I don’t have proper photos of them because they weren’t that pretty xD *Ken’s Boob* But yeh :D There was two chocolate tarts – which was VERY rich; Strawberry Bavarian with cream and jam – VERY SWEET; and a bought fruit cake ! :D
Overall, the day AND night both were awesome ♥

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