A day at STRIKE Bowling!

(please excuse my random face)
Today James, Gumji, Alex, Daeyoon and I met up at STRIKE in Glen Waverley for some bowling. I don’t really know why we did so – but it was fun anyway!:)
Two games were $22 per person.

All the bowling balls were so so so heavy and humongous! So I got the smallest bowling ball that we could find – a 7 – and it was still pretty heavy :| But yup, it turned out I was pretty crappy at bowling hehe :) And somehow Alex can go from a 0 to a strike – -;
But yup, here are the scores from the first game.

Uh yes, I am that M that came 54. Last place. And James 56. Second Last :) Somehow Gumji won the first round *bewildered*

But yup, we kept on playing and I somehow kept rolling the ball towards the right =_=; I don’t know. Alex also somehow managed to injure his finger haha! But yeah, my wrist was pretty painful after wards ._.; So yeah we managed to finish again with me coming last.

Yes I am that damn 67. (121 in total) haha. Daeyoon won :D
But anyways, after that, we ventured in to glen for lunch – because we were pretty hungry. James and I both ordered a Hungry Jacks Stunner deal :) Which was $5 for the burger, chips, a drink and a sundae. I really like the burger. I didn’t so much like the sundae …because I don’t like sundaes – I just like ice cream. I should’ve told them not to put the chocolate sauce on but eh wells.

It’s “Tender Crisp Chicken”
As we were eating Gumji kept going on about how Alex and I were really weird. But no, in truth, Gumji was weird. We also had fun talking about old anime shows (Digimon, Sailor Moon ..etc) and of course singing the english dub theme songs. :D We then left and shopped for random presents / Valentines presents.
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