Pancake Parlour – Old Time Favourite in Glen

So today Gumji, James, Declan and I went to Pancake Parlour in Glen Waverley just because Alex was working haha. We waited for about an hour(?) for him to show up to work – -” But yeah, he showed up with Winnie (duh) so she joined us for brunch.
The photos that I took of the food were horrible because the lighting was really bad so I had to use flash! Sorry :(

Winnie and I both ordered Lunchtime Barramundi plus Cottage Fries ($9.90)
I always order this or below* because it’s fast, easy and delicious ! It sounds weird for fish to be with pancakes but its seriously surprisingly really nice (:

James ordered the Lunchtime Cheese and Potato Pancake ($9.90)
This is the other thing that I order if I’m not ordering the above* The side salad is covered in dressing and the potato and cheese pancake is crisp and mouth watering :D

Gumji and Declan both ordered Lunchtime Tabriz plus Cottage Fries (i think?) Also $9.90
I haven’t tried this yet so I don’t really know how it tastes like but Declan and Gumji both enjoyed it and both agreed that there wasn’t enough.

And because Alex is such an awesome waiter, we asked him to take a photo of us (with him in it) :D He obliging did so but just to take one photo before running off and taking more orders.
I love Pancake Parlour despite it being quite pricey

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