I decided to go to Orientation week at Monash University today! :)
I woke up at 6.50am (which by the way was probably the earliest I’ve waken since high school finished :I) and checked to see if my timetable was up yet! It wasn’t ..(it was supposed to come out at 7am) ..ready till around 7.50am in which I was sitting there fully dressed getting annoyed and flustered at +allocate ! But yes, my mum then came home bearing Tienyi with her! (mum sent my brother to school and picked up tienyi from there)

We ate curry mee together ♥ and then took photos with my phone because someone who shall not be named forgot their camera! (I can’t carry my humongous one around!!) So yes, we went to Monash and arrived at around 10am? or something. Lynn, YihRue, TienYi and I sat around upstairs till the carnival started :) In which we happily roamed the stalls and joined many groups and got lots of freebies! :D

This was some Malibu drink store in which we could take a photo! So I dragged them to take a photo with me (Lynn went off to her bbq, Shirley came, and Anthony (YihRue’s friend) tagged along) ! My scanner made the photo very bright ..so uhm yes, please ignore it :]
So I ended up joining three groups (membership of $10 p/a)
1. ASEAN 2. Anime Club 3. Monash Japanese Club
and I am very happy with my clubs so far! (most happy with the anime club atm!!)

And this is all the freebies that I managed to get today! :D Okay I am going to try and see how many I can list! There are;
Nissin noodles, Yoosh Aloe Vera drink, 3 mini Coke Zeros, Slippers, Sunnies, Pocky, Pens, Compact Mirror, Bible, Magnets, Water bottle, CD rom, 2 Stress balls, Ruler, Lollies, Pack of cards, some letter opener?, Tattoo, Keychains, Discounts/Vouchers, LOTS of phamplets/ads (not shown), Smiggle pencil case, and ..LOTS of condoms!! (I seriously don’t know why Nandos is giving out Condoms!??!)
But yes, other than that weird fact, I am very very happy with the haul!! :)
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