Crepe Making with Irene

Early yesterday morning (early for me at least) I went to Irene’s house to make some food – what food? we weren’t really sure yet but we were determined to make food :) We wanted to try making macarons, scones, yakisoba, onigiri etc ..but of course, time was not on our side so since I hadn’t eaten my breakfast yet ..we settled on crepes :)

It took a really long time because we were having fun decorating and well, following every single line of the recipe (browning the butter etc) ..and I didn’t really get to eat anything until about an hour or two later haha. But it was still worth it :)

The left is mine (cheese filled crepe topped with tomato sauce, more cheese and oregano) and it tastes beautifully like pizza ! :D The right is Irene’s (filled with peanut butter and banana, and topped with more banana, walnuts and honey) ….she enjoyed it :D

These are the nicely cooked crepes that we produced (well the best at least – we thought too much crepes on one plate didn’t look really nice) dusted off with icing sugar and accompanied with berries :)

The rest of the day was of course spent taking silly pictures with Irene’s Mac :)
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