Petaling Street – Malaysian Hawker Food in Glen

This post was due to be actually written on the 6th (I’m changing the posting date) but because of a crazy malware, my computer was undergoing virus scans etc last night!
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So after positive reviews from my younger brother, my family and I decided to head off to Petaling Street for lunch. By the time we got there at about 12pm, it was already packed but luckily we managed to snag a seat.
The seating arrangements were rather squishy, in my opinion as people walking to their seats would have to duck out of the way of oncoming waitresses and waiters carrying food. But other than that, I thought the interior was really well done.
I ordered: Wonton Noodle (Dry)
Menu Description: Malaysian hawker type dry egg noodles with wonton, vegetables and BBQ pork
Price: $8.90
Review: The plate serving was done nicely, and the food in general was cooked well. However there was really little meat (only two pieces of pork). Overall, tasted quite nice.

My brother ordered: Combination Fried Crispy Noodles
Menu description: Crispy fried noodles with beef, chicken, prawn, BBQ and vegetables
Price: $8.90
His review: I’m too hungry so it doesn’t matter but it tastes the same as other restaurants.

My mum ordered: Petaling Street Style Short Rice Noodle in Claypot
Menu description: Minced pork, chinese mushroom and rice drop noodle served in claypot
Price: $10.80
Her review: This tastes really nice. The noodles and meat are cooked really well and together tastes really yummy.

My dad ordered: Hokkien Mee
Menu description: Famous K.L fried egg noodles with seafood, chicken and vegetables in dark soy sauce.
Price: $8.90
His Review: Tastes nice but it seems to be missing something.
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The food in general tastes really nice and is definitely worth tasting. However because it only recently opened, the restaurant is packed so if you feel like eating there I suggest you go there early or just when it isn’t peak hours (lunch/dinner).
Petaling Street
111 Kingsway
Glen Waverley 3150
Tel: (03) 9561 1388
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8 comments to Petaling Street – Malaysian Hawker Food in Glen

  • Tienyi


    HEEEEE WE CAN GO THERE FOR OUR NEXT DATE LOVE (: mom says we have to wait first though, because it's still crowded! so maybe when i get back ,3

  • Tienyi

    and this is comment #2 because i love you ,3

  • BHaV

    omg ive been there!!! like everyother asian place they mucked up my order i was just sitting there and everyone had finished there food already! this was like sunday before tienyi's bday went there for a xmas thing, the food is rly nice tho cept for the muckign up thing which im used to since every asian restaurant BUT one has always done to me hahaha this one is toorak is RLY good and they r rly nice and the stuff is liek SPICY but it's awesome and another one in Yarra is rly good too!! Omg we shud all go out on foodfests haha but the one in Toorak i need sumone who speaks chineese to go there with me and it's super nice and not too expensive either :D

    ily <3

  • EDDY


    you can be food critic :P

  • lynnnnk

    I was wondering, because I recall Shireen talking about Petaling Street being in Malaysia, then I realised it's the name of a shop. Okay anyway, THAT IS NOT HOKKIEN MEE THEY CHEATED YOU. HOKKIEN MEE. HAS YELLOW AND WHITE NOODLES! *insulted on behalf of true hokkien mee. *and very sad

  • Melody

    REPLIES: because lynn says I should reply via my own comment box ? haha

    Jam: Thanker ^^"

    Tienyi: Yay! I think we should all go there together someday (when it's less busy or something!)

    Bhav: Haha how did they get your order wrong? They hardly ever get my order wrong and we speak in english! Maybe it's because my mum repeats our orders like three times and says the numbers and points to the menu ..etc ? haha

    Eddy: Haha nah :P But I will be posting more reviews on this blog!

    Lynn: Your S'pore vrsn of hokkien mee is not wanted here okay! Actually it's not wanted anywhere!! haha :D I'm joking <3 But yeah the food is really nice ! (:

  • Gumji Kang`

    that made me hungry D:

    bah havent been to glen for ages o_o

  • BHaV

    nah they gave everyone their food and i ddnt get mine untill everyone had finished and then they realised they had forgotten and were charging us to much untill i pointed out (as attempts before that point had failed) that i ddnt get my food at all! so they gave me my food and i sat there like an idiot eating while everyone else had already paid and looked at me all hurry up!!!!!ishly… haha but food is good!

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