My Irrational Fear

Syringe “Spritze” by F4U-DraconiX
Today, I finally had my Swine Flu immunization injection and for someone who is terrified of needles it was kind of a big deal. But sitting here now and thinking back on it I think the worst part of the whole process is just waiting for it.
I’m not really sure why I’m so scared of injections but waiting for the nurse to finally poke the needle into my arm freaks me out. I hate the suspense eurgh.
But the actual process irritates me too. I don’t actually like to feel a needle pierce in to my skin and actually feel the liquid being projected in to me. It freaks me out haha.
But then fears like this are very irrational considering the pain (if it can even be called that) lasts for less than probably 20 seconds? And there usually isn’t any after effects …but still. Considering I’ve put off getting a blood test till now. (I still don’t know what blood type I am…)
Do you guys have any irrational fears too?
(I have way too many :/)
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5 comments to My Irrational Fear

  • lynnnnk


    Anyway, heeee I haven't had an injection in AGES actually, probably like, 4 or 5 years ago. *smiles And I think I've told you before but anyway, I have an irrational fear of jumping into water. Like even if it's like, standing at the edge of a pool and jumping (splashing) in, regardless of whether I can reach the floor or not! Yes, weird I know :(

  • Melody

    James: YAY driving is fun :D ..sometimes but is also very scary for me :(

    Lynn: LOL. actually you didn't tell me that ! and hmmm, I think I'm pretty scared at first of jumping in but after awhile I'm like "YAY this is so fun :D " haha

  • lynnnnk

    Nah, I am ALWAYS scared of jumping in. It's quite a funny story actually, I went on a water slide when I was about 6 and sort of slipped off the float when I reached the end and sunk to the bottom, which wasn't very cool considering I didn't know how to swim then. That's probably why I'm so scared of the splash now HAHA. :D

  • BHaV

    woah…deep fear lynn!!!..literally u poor thing! :S

    I'm scared of the dark, i mean i can control myself and dont go insane or start hyperventilating but i am very scared of the dark especially when im home alone, i rememeber before christmas i was home alone and not tired enugh to slep i made andrew talk to me on the phone until i fell asleep so wen idid he could hang up and all that stuff… so so scared more because te unkonw mayb waiting and you dunno wat hits u? I don't like being able to not see things :D

  • Naka

    sorry to hear about this, I quite dislike spiders XD
    I don't mind needles, it's a weird feeling,but having a couple every year isnt too many.

    I don't know what blood type I am, I want to check now XD I've always wondered about donating blood aswell, btu i think you have to be 1or 18 and meet certian requirements

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