With the starting of 2010, I have also decided to start a new blog!

This year brings a lot of changes for myself, my family, my friends and a lot of blog readers/writers (: For myself, it brings the start of University (or better yet called the first day of the rest of my life), it brings new friends and new places, and new responsibilities.
So with tradition of a new year, here are my supposed resolutions!

 2010 New Year Resolutions!
– Get in touch and maintain my relationship with God
– Become more confident, and be able to make friends easily in this new year
– To maintain this blog and fill it lots and lots of photos!
– Start redecorating my room – desk, shelves, walls, stationary, etc
– Revamp my wardrobe with clothes I’ll actually wear!
– Definitely to keep in contact with high school friends
– Try to be more active within the community and in church
– Strive to be happy and less grumpy, annoyed, angry!!

I hope I’ll be able to maintain most of these resolutions heh. I know that last year’s resolutions practically failed (most of them!)

What are your ambitions and resolutions for this new year?


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3 comments to HAPPY NEW YEAR !

  • Tienyi


    you forgot to add ''love tienyi forever'' in your new year resolutions =( uh although that's kind of under ''keep in contact with high school friends''….

    anyway. i love you ,3

  • lynnnnk

    HELLO MELODY! Welcome to the world of blogs with commenting and no chatboxes! I promise I will comment many many if you comment in mine……. *blackmails heh. :D
    Anyway, Happy New Blog! I love it already! :D

  • BHaV

    haha happy neww yrr!! yes it is going to be a wonderful yr wiht a new start and the chance to reinvent ourselves in some areas!!! :D im super excited, my new yrs resolution…to be hapy and content with myself haha :D how was ur new yrs eve? wat'd u do?

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