A Tribute to Special People

So lately all I’ve been really doing apart from the occasional trip to the shops is pretty much writing. I’ve been writing and drawing in my new 365 diary which I love very much ♥ Oh and I guess also watching lots and lots and lots and lots of youtube clips (vlogs, concerts, jap game shows ..etc) ! But in the midst of doing all of that I think back and remember everyone that was ever something during high school and how they used to make everything better (: So I`m just going to write a quick tribute to some special people :)

The Original Girls; (Fi, Siu, Nance, Lina, Tiff, Jade, Nipuni, Georgina, Hemani) these are the girls that I pretty much started high school and everything with. Although the group broke a lot when people went to different schools/states, I know that these were the girls that I got through the beginnings of high school with. And I’ll always love them :)
NJK; (Nicole,Jenny, Kanna) Yeah, I know that this dispersed rather quickly after all those events that happened but between it all, they made year 9 + 10 awesomely fun. And without them I wouldn’t have learnt many lessons.
10F; (James, Gumji, Declan, Nancy, Alex) These people already belong to other groups but still, these people made year 10 the best year of my high school life ever. History, Science, English etc would have been horrid classes if these guys had not have been in my class :)
The Newbies; (Irene, Tienyi, Lynn, Bhav, Shireen, Rachel, Richa, Sheryl) Okay Bhav and Sheryl aren’t newbies but still. These are awesome girls that understand my healthy or unhealthy? obsession with blogging, and taking numerous photos of food etc. If it weren’t for them, I don’t think year 12 study periods/mornings would have been fun at all!
The Other Asians; (Winnie, Sunny, Sharon, TzuHui, Suzanne, Sylvia, Linh, Mai Linh,..etc) I don’t know why I caleld you guys the other asians ..but I did so deal with it haha. But yeah, these were the awesome girls that I’ve had many classes with and shared many inside jokes with heh. But although I didn’t know many of them till much later I still love them heapss!!
Those Asian Guys; (Locki, Dan, Wilson, Ken, Alex, Peter, Desmond, Eddie, Daeyoon..etc) From the guys who I met way back in year 7 and who I’ve shared many memories with to the guys that I only recently became on friend terms with ..these guys make everything just more funny and enjoyable!
And of course there are many other people who I can’t really categorize but I don’t really want to single out..that I haven’t mentioned but you guys know that every memory that I’ve once shared with you meant something to me :) So Thank you to all my high school friends! I’ll always remember you guys!
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3 comments to A Tribute to Special People

  • fii :)

    Bahahahah i hate blogs! buh yes i dont know what comment you want me to write rofl (Y)

    umms lets hope we have another great year even if we're not together anymore and cherish the years we've had together :D

    thanks for the mention :P ahahha

  • EDDY

    nice new blog you have here. keep up the good work. hope your enjoying your holidays are awesome! thanks for the mention and overall being a cool friend for the time i've known ya.

    Happy New Year

  • Tienyi



    it's okay i understand

    …….*flees sobbing from room and attempts to slash wrists because that's what emos do and fails miserably because i'm scared of knives WTF

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