2017 in a Nutshell

I know I say this every year, but 2017 flew by… I think this is more true than other years just because it was such a BUSY YEAR.

I completed three lots of placement in 2017, which was very difficult and yet, fulfilling.

2013 in a Nutshell

Woah! This has really been such a freakin’ h u g e year for me! So many new things walked in to my life and I am so grateful for the opportunities that I was given in 2013.

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2012 in a Nutshell

Wahhh~ I can’t believe it’s nearly already 2013 !!! This year was definitely an interesting year! Due to mistakes/problems caused in 2011, this year led me to mature and deal with said problems. And although I would have preferred not to have gone through that, it definitely helped me […]