Compilation Post!

Okay, this is a super super late post.I was really supposed to have blogged this last week but I ended up procrastinating and not doing so :/ and then a whole bunch of things happened so I’m just going to cram it all in to this one post!! :DFRIDAY 14th MAY

We’ve got a problem on our hands here..

This is a late post but I’ve been quite lazy lately.Sorry guys :/We had Japanese visitors on Monday and they were awesome.Talking Japanese to an actual Japanese person is exciting yet also rather intimidating as you realize […]

最後の約束 – Saigo No Yakusoku

♥お誕生日おめでとう櫻井翔くん♥So apart from having a trending party today I also watched 最後の約束 (The Last Promise) for the second time (with my mum) So I thought since I really really loved the movie so much I’d do a quick review on it :)