Eat with Melody & Lynn: Random Snacks!


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Snack Review post… which is evident, as the above photo doesn’t accurately depict what food was actually eaten and reviewed! In this special and unorganised edition, I have Lynn guest starring […]

Retrogamin B’day

Happy 23rd Birthday Ashley!

To celebrate Ashley’s birthday, we decided to hold a Retrogamin’ themed birthday party, fit out with some 8bit games and bittunes. Apart from styling up the place with some old school game memorabilia, we decided to cook up some deeeeeelicious party food, including Ash’s one and only […]

Quick & Easy Dinner


Living at home with a mum who’s a good cook means you never really cook for yourself.

Often times, if I’m going to cook something, it’s usually to bake something. I rarely cook, but it’s nice to […]