Blogger 2011 Kris Kringle !

Christmas is just around the corner, so Jennifer (QuestJen) and I have decided to plan together a Blogger Kris Kringle!

If you don’t know the basic rules of ‘Kris Kringle’ it’s pretty much where it’s sort of like an ‘anonymous’ Christmas present […]

Birthday Blogger Picnic

Yesterday, I spent a lovely Spring afternoon with a few bloggers for an early 20th Birthday Picnic! The day started in a bit of a rush as I had woken up at 9.30am – the time I was supposed to be at the train […]


Hey awesome people~ Sorry for the lack of blogging lately; I’ve been having exams gahh. Had three this week and still two more to go ;~;! I hope that everyone who’s having exams at the […]