Wishlist 2016

Hello! I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again…
As per tradition, I’ve compiled a bunch of awesome things that I’d love to receive. Of course, as I say all years, I definitely don’t expect any of you to get me anything – except Ashley, there’s no getting out of this one mate, sorry.


Prada WalletCrystal Daisy Pendant NecklacePearl Strands Necklace, Hearthstone Golden Monkey PinArtline Stix Brush Markers, Paper Lovers Book: Cute, Studio Easel, Copic Multiliner, Faber-Castell Art PieceUrban Decay Naked 3, Kat Von D Innerstellar, Kat Von D Chrysalis, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 49 Rose Saint Germain and 44 Nude LavalliereOlympus 60mm f2.8 Macro lens, Canon Selphy Compact Printer, Instax Photo Album, Pacman Multighost Lamp, Flexible Tripod   

Edit: Received the Paper Lover’s Book, YSL 44 Nude Lavalliere, Urban Decay Naked 3, Olympus 60mm f2.8 Macro lens, Flexible Tripod, YSL 49 Rose Saint Germain

I can definitely say that I put a lot more thought in creating this year’s wishlist though! Everything on this list is actually stuff I would be super stoked about receiving!

We’re going through Accreditation at work at the moment, so despite my birthday being only 2 days away, I feel so busy and stressed that there’s no time to celebrate! Not until after everything is over at the very least!!

Review: Three Monkeys Place

I actually really like going to cafes – the food is usually amazing, they turn out great in photos and the ambiance is usually perf – but, the only problem I have with cafes is that so many of them are only open until 4pm! I’m not an early bird and I finish work at 5 so it’s usually pretty impossible to go unless I go on the weekends (but that’s for sleeping in!).

However, when I heard Three Monkeys Place was just down the road from work, I thought I’d better give it a shot.
So one lovely (early) morning, I woke up an hour earlier just to have breakfast at 3MP with Zuz!


I think you can see from the above photo that despite that coffee not being enough for the day, it was def worth it!
To ensure I ordered a sweet breakfast, I made sure I had one piece of bacon at home before coming haha! It’s always so frustrating when I want to try the sweet stuff but then just crave eggs and bacon when I go to cafes!

I ordered the Sweet Monkey while Zuz ordered the Brioche French Toast


Sweet Monkey: Roti pancakes, banana, mixed berries, crumble, mascarpone & maple syrup (v)

I am not a huge fan of banana, but this dish was absolutely delicious! I did not regret my decision at all.
The roti pancakes were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, making for a scrumptious texture mixed a long with the mascarpone and maple syrup mmmm. The mixed berries and crumble surrounding the plate was super yummy, and tasted great when all mixed together in a single bite. Definitely recommend this!

 My coffee was pretty good, but I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have caramel for my latte.


Brioche French Toast: with banana, mixed berries compote, vanilla ice cream and white clover honey sauce

Forgive me if the name or description is wrong because I can’t find this exact dish on their menu anymore! It seems like it is replaced by Matcha French Toast, which is something I would be very keen to try!

I only had a couple of bites of this dish but the brioche french toast was incredibly yummy, and tasted great paired along with the berry compote and ice cream. However, the white clover honey sauce was pretty bad – neither Zuz or I liked it at all. I can’t remember the exact words we said at the time, but I  do remember us comparing it to some sort of cleaning detergent…so yes, I recommend this dish as long as you don’t have to eat the honey haha.

Overall, big thumbs up for Three Monkeys Place! Definitely worth waking up that extra hour early.

Three Monkeys Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

SAMA 10 Year Anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last posted about SAMA/MCAC!
For those who didn’t follow me back when I posted more frequently (heh), I used to post a lot about this wonderful club that I was a part of during my Uni years. I loved it so much that I was even on the committee in 2011-12.

So why am I suddenly posting about SAMA now in 2016?!
Well, September 2016 marked ‘Society for Anime and Manga’, previously known as “Monash Clayton Anime Club’ TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, ten years worth of committee members came together!


It was such a magnificent sight to see ten years worth of generations that all played a part in building what the club is today. We had some of the oldies mingling with the youngins; and it was so awesome to see that despite the huge age difference that some of us had, we still had enough in common to hang like old friends ♥

Being on committee not too long ago meant that I was fortunate enough to already know many of the committee peeps and it really got me thinking how lucky I am to be part of something so special that about 80% of my actual friends were made through this group. I mean, you can even see Ash in the above picture which is saying a lot hahaha!!


The 2011-12 committee reunited in 2016!


Left: When we were first elected in 2011 and Right: Our final day as a committee in 2012!

Do we look the same? Hahah! It’s baffling to think that the bottom two photos were 4/5 years ago now.

Apart from taking a bunch of photos with one another and reminiscing over old times, we gathered at Burwood Teppanyaki for a pretty fun and interactive dinner experience! For those who have been to teppanyaki before, you would know that it always involves catching food/bowls that a chef throws at you. In our case, some special few people attempted to catch their bowls of rice from across the main road of Burwood Hwy. Pretty freakin’ intense hahaha.

The night ended when we were kicked out of Pancake Parlour, after being previously kicked out of Burwood Teppanyaki.
(Not because we were rowdy or anything, but because we stayed and chatted until both of them closed!) 

♥ What an amazing club to be a part of! ♥