Turning 23…

Hello! Yes, I know I’ve been doing my birthday posts so late for the past couple of years lol!
Last year, my birthday fell on a Friday which unfortunately meant I couldn’t take time off work – especially because it was payroll day ;A; But of course, the upside of this meant that I was spoilt at work by my awesome co-workers ♥



When I got to work, I tried to enter the staff room but was awkwardly blocked by Shalini ..not sus at all
I was happily surprised by Zuz holding a plate of gorgeous strawberry red velvet birthday  cupcakes ;A; She had taken the time to lovingly put this together and I loved it so much. It was the major highlight for my entire day of work! I was then bombarded with amazing gifts one after the other, but of course, I’ll save that for my birthday gift post!

After work, Ashley picked me up from home and did something super duper cute when presenting my present, which I promise will be in the birthday gift post! All I’ll say is that it involved me being tricked in to thinking he hadn’t brought my birthday gifts(!!!) and an elaborate, comedic order of present unwrapping lol ♥


Ashley has this really odd notion that I actually only ever want to eat Jap food (not sure why?!) so he of course, took me to a Jap restaurant for my birthday lol! He plans to only ever take me to Jap places for my birthday lol -_-

It was still super exciting when it was revealed we were in for a 10 course Wagyu degustation at Takumi!!
The first thing when we entered was that the wait staff were actually Japanese. Yes! It’s always a good sign when the staff members know the culture and food they’ll be serving. While I understand that anyone can make delicious food regardless of their race, it really bugs me when the staff working know nothing about the food being served.


Edamame 枝豆 –  Salted boiled soy bean


Tsukune つくね – Grilled chicken skewers

The night started off wonderfully with edamame! Because seriously, could ever go wrong with edamame!? haha
I don’t remember if I enjoyed the grill chicken skewers or not, which probably means that they were good but not great!


Takumi’s Special 和牛タタキ – Thinly sliced wagyu eye fillet grilled on the outside topped with finely diced onion, lightly dressed in refreshing citrus seasoning


Salmon carpaccio サーモンカルパッチョ – Salmon sashimi infused in tangy carrot, onion and soy sauce seasoning

The two above dishes were probably the star of the non-grilled food that we had!!
Especially the tataki. Omg. I don’t think I had ever eaten something like that before but it was delicious. It was seasoned wonderfully and was exquisite. I’m not the biggest fan of salmon, but the perfect combination of the drizzled mayonnaise and seasoning on top made it perfect. Definitely recommend these two.

It seems that I don’t actually have photos of all the food lol!… If I recall correctly, everything was suddenly coming out all at once and I was busily trying to ensure everything fit on the table, hence not taking photos! Apart from the photos below, there was also: fresh salad, grilled squid and 100g of wagyu eye fillet.


Salmon サーモン


200g of wagyu beef fillet (ハラミ – I think)


The meat was tender and yummy, but exactly what you’d expect from a good cut of wagyu!
We can definitely say if you’re going, please ask them for extra beef fat to help oil your grill because it was definitely something we needed. Our meat kept getting stuck to the grill and we might’ve accidentally burnt a few due to clumsiness lol. I am definitely to be blamed for most of that as I wasn’t much help in getting the pieces out…


The night ended with delicious Black Sesame ice cream for dessert ♥ v ♥ !!
The best part about this was that Ash seems to hate all asian flavoured ice creams and kindly donated his scoop to me mwahahah. Not going to lie, I was pretty damn full at this point but I have a feeling we still went for more dessert lol!

What are your fav Japanese restaurants in Melbourne?
(I feel like Ash wants to note this all down for upcoming birthdays lol -.-)

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Australia Pax Day 3

 Hello hello! Your usual awesome blogger is back 8)
I hope you all enjoyed Ash’s delicious burgie post – there’ll definitely be more of that coming soon!! Anyway, I’m back with my final Pax post! I know it’s quite late, but doesn’t matter cos it’s gotta be done :D

As mentioned in my Pax Day 2 post, we missed Maccas brekky so I was determined to have it on the Sunday, and so I did!!! Ash still got Huff bagels but all the mattered was that I got my good ol’ fav sausage mcmuffin!


For our third and final day of PAX, we were determined to go play Dragon Age: Inquisition since we missed out the day before, so we headed straight there! Thankfully there was only approximately an 1 – 1.5 hour  wait, so sat and got ourselves comfortable. I was incredibly sad to hear that the girls who were sitting next to me got the last dragon wings that they had :'( I really wanted them too! But the worst part, was when I heard the Pax Enforcer (same girl as the day before) tell other attendees that they could just go chill in the EA Lounge instead of lining up, because lining up was just for playing Dragon Age. I was super angry because instead of sending us away on Day 2, she could’ve told us that AND THEN I WOULD’VE GOT MY DRAGON WINGS plus actually check out the EA Lounge. Ugh.


After playing on my PS Vita for ages, it was finally our turn to play the demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition!
There was a bunch of rules before entering like no taking photos of the gameplay, but a nice enforcer helped me take a photo of us playing so I could post it up on my blog! If you see in the picture, I was playing on the PS4 while Ash tried out the Xbox. There’s no real point in us reviewing the game as it’s already out, but it was definitely awesome and worth getting if you’re in to Bioware/RPG. Ash tells me that it’s definitely the leap forward the series was desperately searching for, after the lukewarm reception of the previous iteration.

After our time was up, we lined up to get our DA photo ID cards taken – another thing I was really excited about.
So, there was one guy getting his photo taken, then it was Ash and then me in line. All good! The first guy got his and walked away, and so it was Ash’s turn. He got his photo taken on the cool chair, and then we waited for it to print. THE PRINTER THEN TOLD US IT WAS OUT OF INK. The enforcer looked around for spare ink but unfortunately that was the last of it. Are you serious? ARE YOU SRS?! We just missed out on another cool thing. Omg. ARGH.


Annoyed and upset, we head to the EA Lounge to get our posters signed by the developers only to be told they had all the left the country….. this is just great isn’t it -_-” Frustrated, we sat on a chair outside whining about our rotten luck. I randomly had the idea of asking the Photo ID lady to just screen shot/send us a digital copy of the cards, so we ventured back in …but she had already packed up her laptop -_- whatevs. But in a moment of shining hope, I saw Mark Wilson walking by…!! Like awkward schoolgirls, we approached him and asked him to sign our posters. YAY!! 

After that rollercoaster of emotions, we decided to complete our little Pax XP challenge.
I won’t say much about this except that I was wearing one of my more comfortable heels and my feet still ached after looking every crook and corner of the exhibition and convention centre zzz. But look!!! We completed our challenge and just hoped that our prize would be something worth all that walking….


and it wasn’t.
We got these 2×2 rubix cube which …err …kinda cute??? But I don’t think I would’ve kept walking if I had known what the prize would’ve been! Oh well. I guess we got a little keepsake from the awesomeness that is PAX!


We finally get to venture in to the Expo Hall and finish trying out all the games we missed in the previous days!
Ashley got to finish trying out the other occulus indie games that were on offer. I think the below photo was Phantasm? It was another one of those zombie killing games, but worse according to Ash as you used the controller to aim the cursor but your head was moving the camera lol! We played a few more indie games, but notably my favourite co-op game that we played, which was coincidentally the very last game we played at Pax was Android Assault Cactus!


Pax closed early at 6pm this day, and it was a sad sight to see everyone being filed out of the Expo Hall :(
I think this is definitely a negative point of Pax – Sundays should definitely stay open a little longer!! The day was way too short and we may or may not have sat outside the Expo Hall feeling a little lost and confused as to what we should do with our lives now that Pax was well and truly over! To fill the empty hole in our hearts, we decided to give Mr Scruffs a try and well, if you read Ash’s review on it here, then you know it definitely shifted us to high spirits!


All in all, we loved PAX and we can’t wait for this year’s!
I had work the following day (which was stupid because Tuesday was a public holiday but I had forgotten to take A/L) so it was pretty hard going back to reality!! Definitely had post-PAX blues for awhile :( At least now that we’re in 2015, I can start counting down the days for this year’s PAX! (I should probably apply for my annual leave now)


Did you attend PAX? What’s your favourite convention?


 Warning: As this post isn’t by your usual mild-mannered author, this post  is rated M for man.
No sissys or vegetarians allowed.

My name is Ash and this here blog post be bout burgers. So shove a burger in your gob and strap in.
As all my  mates are well aware by now I like burgers – whenever I suggest places of the food eating variety for us to go, they are pretty much always burg places. I even got a random phone call recently from a mate asking recommendations for a good burg so at that point I think I became qualified to write this post.

Fat Bob’s Bar and Grill

80 Cochranes Road, Moorabin VIC 3189

Jackie-O and a side of frenchies.




Iced Choc and a Raspberry Spider that certainty brought all the boys to the yard (actually it was probably the burgs)

Situated in the bleak industrial district of Moorabin,  make your way through the neon sign littered archway heralding the  old-school American inspired foodgasm you are about to enjoy.  No surprises when you make your way inside, the outdoor decoration was an introductory taste of an interior entirely decked out in messy arrays of street signs and Americanisms – the greys of the exterior landscape temporarily left behind are rendered a distant memory. Fear the kitsch not, for Fat Bob will look after you – and if it’s not busy, serve up the burger of a lifetime.

Anyway enough with the word salad, let’s cut to the patty. I ordered a Jackie-O enticed by the saucy trinity of mustard, ketchup and Fat Bob’s sauce, hail. Standard with their burgers it contained a 180g patty, cooked to medium-rare perfection. 180g is a big boy patty, and for those not sure what that number means: unless you have a more voracious appetite than Fat Bob/me stick with a single patty and probably don’t eat for a little while beforehand. The oozing crown is an exotic fontina cheese which not only didn’t lead things astray but rather added a distinct yet complimentary flavour to the already bold burger. Of course we  wouldn’t want to forget the salad now, cos lettuce, spanish onions and tomato – standard affair and used in moderation to add a bit of flavour but not interfere too much with the other tastes. Now we need somewhere to put all that,and eschewing the dernier cri of gourmet burgers in brioche buns, Fat Bob’s pays homage to the classics and uses white seeded buns that thankfully didn’t fall apart under all that heft (although that could also be due to being wrapped in silver foil, not something I’d recommend testing). All in all an excellent burger  that while newschool in some ways (namely sauce and cheese) has not forgotten about a time when things – and burgers were simpler.

Now while the burger was more than enough to leave me full, we also ordered both french fries and more importantly ZUCCHINI FRIES.  The zucchini fries were prepared and cooked similarly to standard fries (at least as far as I could tell) however the replacing of potato with zucchini was a welcome and super delicious change – don’t come here without giving these a go. I don’t actually remember what the milkshake was like but Mel informs me I finished it pretty zippy so that can’t be anything less than a good sign. On a more sour note, I did have a return visit here on a Friday night where it was admittedly hyper busy and ended up with a more average burger and also mega long wait times – but hey all the more reason to go on a weekday lunchtime!

Fat Bob's Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

Mr. Scruff’s

60 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC 3066


Left: Burgers, Beer-battered chips and Poutine. Right: Confit Lamb Ribs


Beef Burger: Cheese, Lettuce, Mr Scruff’s Special Sauce, Pickles & Onion

Okay so a preface: I wasn’t really expecting much when I decided to go here at the end of PAX, but shit my expectations were more than shattered. This could literally be the single best burger I’ve had. It was an unpretentious affair: american cheese, lettuce, pickles, onion, Mr Scruff’s awesome awesome special sauce and a thick and tender medium rare patty that the bartender informed me was a real meaty 100% beef patty, and subsequently convinced me that I didn’t need to add bacon. Also if you paid attention to those ingredients you’ll notice I didn’t mention tomato – that’s not a typo folks. The conscious decision to exclude tomatoes aligns perfectly with my preferences too, as I’m always finding myself taking them out or asking waiters to hold the tomatoes. The construction was excellent and everything just worked. And after getting it in into my gob, not only could I not fault it in anyway but I was seriously considering ordering round two (however concious of the recent pounds packed on my waistline I resisted this temptation)

As for sides here, well who even cares when the burg is that damn good. But lets pretend we do care. The confit lamb ribs as seen above were ace! It wasn’t the usual USA-style sweet bbq sauce thing, in fact it wasn’t in anyway like that. Instead of being bbq’d, as conveyed by the name it was confit which means it was fried in its own fat at a low temp. Definitely an interesting little side. Mel has an obsession with poutine (pretty much chips in gravy and usually other shit too) so she ordered that, I’m not personally a fan but she said it was one of the best she’s tried, and I nicked a couple that weren’t drenched and they had the right amount of crunch so another thumbs up if that’s your thing. Also having since gone back with some mates on my recommendation, I can confirm everyone loved the beer-battered chips.

Now for most of this post I’ve ignored price because these bad boys aren’t usually cheap, however this place you can order a few different things without breaking the bank. Everything and I mean everything on the food menu is up to $11. The man of the hour, the burg being $9 and only 2 bucks more to make it double. Also rocks a rad ambience and a beer garden outback and  great staff. Highly recommended in every aspect except why oh why isnt it closer to me???
Mr Scruff's on Urbanspoon

Tuck Shop Take Away

273 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North VIC 3161


Minor with double cheese, bacon and no tomato.


Left: Double Minor with bacon but without tomato. Right: School Meal which included a Minor Burger, Triple Fried Chips, Salted Caramel Tart, Tuck Shop Sauce and a Redskin Milkshake

As can be seen above, they have one of the most photogenic, eye-candy  offerings. The main man, the burg seems to be at least partially based on some of Heston’s recipe(s) which can only bode well. This isn’t mere imitation though, rather Karina, the matriach has an esteemed resume that includes training under Heston himself at the Fat Duck! While her husband Clinton, not to be one-upped has worked at Vue de Monde. Anyway back to business, in the standard burg which are housed in Noisette sourced brioche buns along with the typical salads, there are patties designed by Clinton, made of three different cuts of beef, minced daily; american cheese which I believe is home-made with Karina’s own recipe and Tuck Shop sauce that consists of mayo, ketchup, and french’s mustard. Now I have a bit of a love affair with this place in no small part due to the superior quality and  utmost care in every burger they make – no conveyor belt service here! And with those factors of course comes the scintillating taste. But what also helps is the fact that its less than a ten minute drive from my place! location in this case is definitely a big plus for me.  And so at this point Clinton knows my order which is that I always add their delicious bacon (perhaps the best iteration of the  famed cured pork) and double cheese – yes their cheese is so good that one isn’t enough folks!

As for the sides, well they’re so interesting that that’s for another post but just briefly I’ll say they have one of the absolute best menus for a burger shop and whatever you order you won’t go wrong (order everything).

Tuck Shop Take Away on Urbanspoon

Mr Burger

Varying locations – food trucks along with a few permanent stores – check their facebook for daily updates on locations & hours

Mr Burger

Mr Burger: Beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mustard, mayonnaise and tomato sauce; and fries

Mr burgz

Mr Burger (again) & Trucker Chips: fries, bacon, cheese and special sauce.


Mr Burger again again (yes I like this burg), fries and also featuring a USA Boylan soft-drink, a nice touch

Primarily sold through their ubiquitous food trucks and a few brick and mortar locations, Mr Burger aim to offer a limited menu that does one thing right as denoted by their name: burgers. Inspired a by trip to the USA the proprietors  wanted to fill what they felt was an under-appreciated concept in Melbourne: food trucks. And find and fulfill their niche they did, from inception in 2012 to now they have expanded to at least six trucks and a few non-automotive locations for good measure. The idea is to serve up and perfect items from a limited menu and not be bogged down with the superfluous, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ or similar, well Mr Burger’s aim is the exact opposite. They have 3 burger options: Mr Burger, Mr Meat and Mr Hot as well as a vegetarian option Mr Veg. The idea is with each of the burgers is that they combine ingredients with taste matched sauces.

My go to choice here is the Mr Burger largely due to the presence of the holy trinity of sauce: mustard, ketchup and mayo – again with the idea being to perfect their few offerings, this now somewhat common combination is enacted here particularly well, being  mega good and contributing to a delicious burger. Nothing fancy with the bun, a white seeded fella. The patties are made up of their propriety ratios of premium cuts, and is a big boy, meaning the handful of times I’ve ventured to get the double has made for a super filling meal. Melted on top the patty, is a sharp cheddar, adding more flavour than other more meek American slices. It is finished off with lettuce, onions, and tomatos, the latter of which I ask them to keep out. A super tasty burger which while perhaps not my very favourite, for the price of $10 you can’t go wrong. Also I would be remiss not to mention that in my books they certainly hold the crown for a consistently enjoyable burger with multiple locations in Melbourne.

The chips are quite good, but forget those, trucker chips is where it’s at. They made number six on Urbanlist’s fifty best fat feeds in Melb and for good reason! A sauce not dissimilar from the perhaps the aforementioned holy trinity (although I am probably wrong but it’s a starting point) and melted cheese drizzled over drenches the fries and with added crispy bacon pieces. It is amazing and a must try side  meal/option to share.

Following Mr Scruff’s, if they sell burgers and have “mr” in their name you’re probably in good hands.
Note: if going for the double Mr Burger ask for extra sauce as they seem to overlook that with more meat comes the requirement of more sauce. With extra sauce the double is just as great, if not better than the single.

Mr Burger on Urbanspoon

The Royale Brothers

1 Church Street, Brighton VIC 3186


Bacon Royale, Double Bacon Royale!!!


Royal Double Deluxe (with double burnt bacon!!), Bacon Royale (again)

I don’t know about you, but if I go to a place enough and really enjoy it I may eventually get a little cray and order some werid shit I wouldn’t otherwise order. Being right outside my work, this is one such case. I decided I would get a vege burger; now i cant say whether it was a good or bad vege sandwich as I have no points of comparison, but I can say it tasted goddamn disgusting.

Actual review (that is what I’m meant to be doing here I think): Recently opened up as an extension to the booming Pantry, defying these high expectations they sometimes offer up what can only be described as a messy construction and under-/over-cook the bacon. No matter because on the other hand, their patty, which is of the patented Wagyu variety, is absolutely delectable and one of, if not the best I’ve had. Their cheese is a classic american cheese which is light on the cheesy taste but high on sensual gooey texture. The housing situation here is milk buns, which at least to my palate are similar to brioche and bloody delicious. Also of note they have a tendency to burn bacon by entirely forgetting to flip it so its completely black on one side – this happens regularly, see bottom left photo for example.
They also have a kickass range of man sandwiches, so if you aren’t in a standard burg mood, their pork jerk which has pulled pork  and ‘slaw going on is fucking great as well. Chips are aight too, nothing to write home about though while their cookies and cream thickshake, the only flavour on offer wasn’t really my thing. Bottom line: just go here, you (probably) won’t regret it (unless you’re drunk/vego and order the vege sammich, in which case you’re drunk/vego, go home).
The Royale Brothers on Urbanspoon

The Merrywell

8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006


The American Burger


Fries & Onion Rings

Now this wouldnt be much of a burger post if it didn’t have burger of the year, every year – the vaunted Merrywell.

Merrywell’s burger of the year, the aforementioned Merrywell didnt do much for me so I won’t bother reviewing it in this sort of ‘best of’ post, SO LOOKS LIKE THIS WON’T BE MUCH OF A BURGER POST, on the otherhand, shit their American burger blew me away; so let’s talk about that instead.

So let’s start by introducing Mr Americano – he approaches the table with the combined weight of both a beef patty AND pulled pork and is accompanied by  pickled onions, coleslaw,
delicious smoked cheese, the royal coupling of  mustard and ketchup, and finally the  (in my opinon) controversial addition of BBQ sauce. No greens here, no siree – only the good stuff. On the topic of BBQ sauce- I’m normally not too high on it in mah burgs however there’s an exception to every rule (i think?) and so  here defying expectation it is a great match for the pulled pork – the one-two punch. Sadly the fries and onions rings don’t bring much to the table, in fact they are borderline bad so only get them if you’re jonesing for dem deep-fried sides.

The Americana burger was actually super amazing but its hard to compare it one like say the one from Mr Scruffs because it was a meaty testosterone-fuelled sorta deal that combined lots of things I liked loved whereas the Scruff one was a simple one where the few ingredients were 10/10 but they missed a few fan-favourites (read: BACON). Because of that this one has more leeway on individual ingredient taste but delivers 10/10 on the combined taste in the overall package. Anyway fact is if you like burgers and you like pulled pork, you will definitely enjoy this winner.

The Merrywell on Urbanspoon

While this post just sounds like a giant suckup which loves everything, rather than the tastes of a discerning burger connoisseur let me assure you I only picked some of my favourites and will leave some of the worse experiences for another time. If I can be bothered typing another one of these…


Outfits: Character Dress Up

   Apart from all the cute kids, my favourite thing about my job are all the dress up days!
In November, we organized a ‘Character Dress Up Week’ to raise money for the ALNF and mann, was that a huge hit amongst the kids and staff! As I work 4 days a week, I only needed 4 outfits #phewww.

I actually had different outfits I wanted to do, but I was err…too lazy to plan in advance lol.
So … DAY ONE was actually a last minute decision when I saw the pikachu hat in the city the day before haha. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that Pokemon is really only a thing for people my age -_-” Only two Kinder (Korean) kids knew who I was lol #trust but the other children had no clue. They did guess rabbit a few times though haha ♥


Pikachu Hat (Critical Hit), Old Dress (Supre), Bandeau (Black Milk)

On the night of Day One, my mermaid top finally arrived in the mail!! Yessssss!
So DAY TWO, I became (modern) Ariel and it was a much better hit with the children yay! All the children recognised me and were excited to touch my “scales” haha. Of course, I did my hair the night before to stay in character ;)


Shell Top (Look Human), Mermemerald Leggings (Black Milk), Heels from Bf (Fillipo Raphael)

DAY THREE wasn’t anything special because I was leaving work early and didn’t wanna bother changing.
A Kinder kid insisted that my bear hat was actually a dog, as they woofed and patted my head lovingly hahaha ;A;

Odd but I have lots of random accessories like this bear hood lying around my room! and I hardly ever use/wear them hahaa

Bear Hood (Dangerfield), Dress (Asos)

DAY FIVE (as four was my off day!) I found some old clothes in my cupboard and put together ‘Where’s Wally?”
Again, most of the children didn’t really know who I was! Although to be fair, I didn’t look anything like Wally/Wanda because  I was too lazy/cheap to buy a beanie even lol. On a random note, two people (one kid and one adult, mind you) thought I was ‘Hello Kitty’..so I guess that’s something too?! ahaha oh dear.


(No idea where the clothes are from cos they’re old, Fillipo Raphael heels from Bf!)

I actually love dressing up; it’s just too bad that I don’t get that many opportunities to do so!
I’m dying to wear my Mermaid outfit again… although to be honest, I’ll probably wear it to any old event :P

What crazy outfits have you worn?  

Hello 2015!

Happy freakin’ New Year everyone! ♥ Hope 2015 is an awesome year for all of us!
The start of the new year means another year older for Melludee.com woohoo! We’re now FIVE years old and I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s still reading despite my inconsistent posting! Love you all ♥


I realised I forgot to post a ‘2014 in a Nutshell post’ like I usually do, so I’ll combine it in this one.
Looking back at 2014, I can definitely say it was a happy year. Even though I can’t really report on any grand or amazing events happening, I can definitely say it was filled with lots of fun and happy memories. I spent a lot my time eating and adventuring with Ashley, working a lot, hanging out with friends, and generally having a good time!
So, farewell 2014! You were good to me and I’m sad to see you go!

Favourite posts of 2014: Birthday Paintings, One Year Anniversary & Review: Lawn Mower 


For the last day of 2014, Ashley and I both unfortunately had to work haha
Luckily our shifts both ended early so we could spend our night together. We originally had planned to head to Kelly’s Bar & Kitchen in Olinda but we were running late for our booking and had to cancel it! After some time googling and calling a few different places (many of which were shut!) we chose an American restaurant, Third Wave Cafe!

 Ashley was freaking excited about all the American options that he could eat lolol.
In the end we got the 3 Little Pigs burger which was pretty damn delicious (check Ash’s instagram here),beef brisket, beer battered chips and mac & cheese! Pretty sure you can say that I spent my last day of 2014 being a fatty!! lol


After pretty much waddling out of the restaurant, we loaded up on drinks (I tried Moscato for the first time!) and headed to a house party. I would like to mention that I played 7 Wonders for the first time and won!!

I hope that 2015 is going to be an amazing year for all of us and can’t wait to spend it with Ashley!
I don’t have any proper new year resolutions to write, but rather just a few personal goals that I hope to achieve.

How was your NYE?