SAMA 10 Year Anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last posted about SAMA/MCAC!
For those who didn’t follow me back when I posted more frequently (heh), I used to post a lot about this wonderful club that I was a part of during my Uni years. I loved it so much that I was even on the committee in 2011-12.

So why am I suddenly posting about SAMA now in 2016?!
Well, September 2016 marked ‘Society for Anime and Manga’, previously known as “Monash Clayton Anime Club’ TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY, and to celebrate this joyous occasion, ten years worth of committee members came together!


It was such a magnificent sight to see ten years worth of generations that all played a part in building what the club is today. We had some of the oldies mingling with the youngins; and it was so awesome to see that despite the huge age difference that some of us had, we still had enough in common to hang like old friends ♥

Being on committee not too long ago meant that I was fortunate enough to already know many of the committee peeps and it really got me thinking how lucky I am to be part of something so special that about 80% of my actual friends were made through this group. I mean, you can even see Ash in the above picture which is saying a lot hahaha!!


The 2011-12 committee reunited in 2016!


Left: When we were first elected in 2011 and Right: Our final day as a committee in 2012!

Do we look the same? Hahah! It’s baffling to think that the bottom two photos were 4/5 years ago now.

Apart from taking a bunch of photos with one another and reminiscing over old times, we gathered at Burwood Teppanyaki for a pretty fun and interactive dinner experience! For those who have been to teppanyaki before, you would know that it always involves catching food/bowls that a chef throws at you. In our case, some special few people attempted to catch their bowls of rice from across the main road of Burwood Hwy. Pretty freakin’ intense hahaha.

The night ended when we were kicked out of Pancake Parlour, after being previously kicked out of Burwood Teppanyaki.
(Not because we were rowdy or anything, but because we stayed and chatted until both of them closed!) 

♥ What an amazing club to be a part of! ♥

Birthday Presents 2015

Welp. This is awkward, I totally said I would post this before the end of 2015 but here we are again …
Here are the wonderful gifts that I received for my 24th birthday from some pretty awesome people last year. I really cannot express how thankful and blessed I feel to know that I have such amazing friends and family in my life ♥

Like always, I thought I’d show my appreciation by doodling some fun pictures on each of them, while posting what sarcastic comments on what each person really thought when they bought these gifts (hover over for real thoughts!).


With the amount of food related items in this gift, OJ and Wen obviously think I have an obsession with food(!!!) or that I’m a silly pumpkin head that needs to spend more time makin mah hair look nice ;~;


Cindy, Nico, Lawrence, Aidan and Jack obviously think that I go on picnics to drink and drink….


Ness filled the box with fun, colourful paper and thinks I have the driest hands ever ;A;


Jess got me the Revlon Colorburst while Amber & Laurent got me the YSL lipstick. My lips must need dat extra colour!


Amelia and Alex must have an impression that I’m mega stressed and need to relax by taking a bubble bath while reading a book to calm my nerves. Add the cleansing mask cos my pores must suck ):


QuestJen sent over a pamper package and must have the same idea that I’m just mega stressed… or maybe it was her way of teeling me I stink and need to take more baths~


My work mates combined and got me a range of items! All I can say is they think I must be obsessed with lights as there’s a candle and a night light! They also must think I’m a snob and need help starting some convos…


Zuz got me an October birthstone Pandora charm and probably assumed I needed it to remember when my birthday month is, as I can get super forgetful!


Audrey gave me a Crown giftcard where I spent it on restaurants …soooo I’m totally a pig right?? hahah


Fathima sent me flowers at work because she pities me for gettin no flowers from Ash ;A;


Without a doubt, my brother thinks I’m too short and needs a smaller bag so I can carry less shit around


My mum got me a range of things and the only thing she must be thinking is that her daughter def needs to up her style with some new clothes, bag, jewellery, scents and makeup! 


And finally, Ashley bought me stuff that was all super taped up with labels saying ‘Baby Proof’ and ‘Baby Locked’. HE OBVIOUSLY THINKS I’M A BABY >:( !! But in regards to his gifts, he probably thinks I nap too much, is a partially a lion and lugs around my camera too much so opted with lenses for my phone~

All these gifts were absolutely amazing and again I feel thrilled to know these people are in my life!

24th Birthday

Celebrated my 24th birthday last year in retro gamin’ style at Bartronica!
Bartonica was an awesome gem I found that housed some pretty slick retro arcade games, plus some old school Mario Kart/Smash on the N64. Ignoring some issues I had with them, it was a pretty sick place and would definitely go back!


Considering I never really had a proper 21st, I decided to use this as an excuse to go all out for my 24th.
As Bartronica was a retro gaming bar, I decided to make the Mario question block and fill it with hand-sewn (kill me) pouches that had the iconic ‘health’ heart pixel drawn on and filled with a surprise of 1-3 gold coins to use on the arcades! I wish I had a photo of the pouches I made, but just know I put a lot of effort in to them lol.

Photos speak louder than words so please enjoy the following awesome photos I have thanks to Nico & Cindy!






It was a pretty awesome night and I’m so thankful for everyone who showed up to celebrate with me ♥
It’s really special events like these that you remember how blessed I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful people! With my birthday coming up again, I am keen for another filled of fun and games with the same lot of awesome kids.