Outfits: Character Dress Up

   Apart from all the cute kids, my favourite thing about my job are all the dress up days!
In November, we organized a ‘Character Dress Up Week’ to raise money for the ALNF and mann, was that a huge hit amongst the kids and staff! As I work 4 days a week, I only needed 4 outfits #phewww.

I actually had different outfits I wanted to do, but I was err…too lazy to plan in advance lol.
So … DAY ONE was actually a last minute decision when I saw the pikachu hat in the city the day before haha. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that Pokemon is really only a thing for people my age -_-” Only two Kinder (Korean) kids knew who I was lol #trust but the other children had no clue. They did guess rabbit a few times though haha ♥


Pikachu Hat (Critical Hit), Old Dress (Supre), Bandeau (Black Milk)

On the night of Day One, my mermaid top finally arrived in the mail!! Yessssss!
So DAY TWO, I became (modern) Ariel and it was a much better hit with the children yay! All the children recognised me and were excited to touch my “scales” haha. Of course, I did my hair the night before to stay in character ;)


Shell Top (Look Human), Mermemerald Leggings (Black Milk), Heels from Bf (Fillipo Raphael)

DAY THREE wasn’t anything special because I was leaving work early and didn’t wanna bother changing.
A Kinder kid insisted that my bear hat was actually a dog, as they woofed and patted my head lovingly hahaha ;A;

Odd but I have lots of random accessories like this bear hood lying around my room! and I hardly ever use/wear them hahaa

Bear Hood (Dangerfield), Dress (Asos)

DAY FIVE (as four was my off day!) I found some old clothes in my cupboard and put together ‘Where’s Wally?”
Again, most of the children didn’t really know who I was! Although to be fair, I didn’t look anything like Wally/Wanda because  I was too lazy/cheap to buy a beanie even lol. On a random note, two people (one kid and one adult, mind you) thought I was ‘Hello Kitty’..so I guess that’s something too?! ahaha oh dear.


(No idea where the clothes are from cos they’re old, Fillipo Raphael heels from Bf!)

I actually love dressing up; it’s just too bad that I don’t get that many opportunities to do so!
I’m dying to wear my Mermaid outfit again… although to be honest, I’ll probably wear it to any old event :P

What crazy outfits have you worn?  

Hello 2015!

Happy freakin’ New Year everyone! ♥ Hope 2015 is an awesome year for all of us!
The start of the new year means another year older for Melludee.com woohoo! We’re now FIVE years old and I just want to say thank you to everyone who’s still reading despite my inconsistent posting! Love you all ♥


I realised I forgot to post a ‘2014 in a Nutshell post’ like I usually do, so I’ll combine it in this one.
Looking back at 2014, I can definitely say it was a happy year. Even though I can’t really report on any grand or amazing events happening, I can definitely say it was filled with lots of fun and happy memories. I spent a lot my time eating and adventuring with Ashley, working a lot, hanging out with friends, and generally having a good time!
So, farewell 2014! You were good to me and I’m sad to see you go!

Favourite posts of 2014: Birthday Paintings, One Year Anniversary & Review: Lawn Mower 


For the last day of 2014, Ashley and I both unfortunately had to work haha
Luckily our shifts both ended early so we could spend our night together. We originally had planned to head to Kelly’s Bar & Kitchen in Olinda but we were running late for our booking and had to cancel it! After some time googling and calling a few different places (many of which were shut!) we chose an American restaurant, Third Wave Cafe!

 Ashley was freaking excited about all the American options that he could eat lolol.
In the end we got the 3 Little Pigs burger which was pretty damn delicious (check Ash’s instagram here),beef brisket, beer battered chips and mac & cheese! Pretty sure you can say that I spent my last day of 2014 being a fatty!! lol


After pretty much waddling out of the restaurant, we loaded up on drinks (I tried Moscato for the first time!) and headed to a house party. I would like to mention that I played 7 Wonders for the first time and won!!

I hope that 2015 is going to be an amazing year for all of us and can’t wait to spend it with Ashley!
I don’t have any proper new year resolutions to write, but rather just a few personal goals that I hope to achieve.

How was your NYE? 

Christmas 2014

Wow, can you believe that Christmas has already come and gone?! Super crazy.
I’ve been so busy for the past couple of weeks because of work and shopping for gifts that I haven’t even had the time to sit in front of the computer properly! But now that things are going to slowly settle down, I should be able to start posting more – especially since I have such a long list of things I’ve wanted to post about for awhile now :P


As per usual, my family celebrated Christmas on the Eve again!
Because I had work on the day, mum & I had to start preparing food the night before. Mannn, was that difficult. I literally went from Work > Kitchen > Bed > Work > Kitchen ;A; I was so exhausted by the end of the day…

With all our hard work, we managed to create this! I’m so proud of how it all turned out ^-^


Our Christmas spread includes a rosemary, lemon and garlic roast chicken and vegies, thai mint roast lamb, rendang, deep fried wontons, prosciutto and breadsticks, salmon & pickles/cucumbers, sweet & sour chicken and tofu mix.
Mum obviously cooked everything that’s asian ..as I just don’t cook Asian food lol! 

As I wanted this to be a great Christmas dinner, I made the effort to decorate the table a bit!
I bought the table runner, some Christmas candles + candle holder, andddd made some Christmas crackers!! I was really tempted to buy a pre-made cracker as they were literally just being sold everywhere I shopped at lol, but their prizes all looked pretty shitty… so I decided to just make my own, filled with cooler things lol!



Included in Melody’s special Christmas cracker, you will find: an assorted packet of Twinings tea, mini mentos, Moccona’s mochaccino, Wizz Fizz, a novelty rubber, marker, bouncy ball and a Christmas joke!!

After more conversation, dinner was cleared up and my brothers started playing PS3.
My older sister, being the old lady, asked if we could open presents before midnight before she wanted to sleep lol! So, at 11pm, we begun our gift swapping and opening *-* ! Obviously my favourite part of the night always!



Ashley with his gifts!! Yes, I got him a new pillow because his current ones suck -_- lol!
I tried to convince him that it was really a dakimakura when he saw a large pillow shape in wrapping paper hehe!

Now, for my haul section of the blog post which will include all the Christmas gifts I’ve received.
I would like to say a HUGE thank you to every single person who has been thoughtful enough to give me something ♥ I appreciate every single thing that I’ve been given, and I feel so grateful to know I have some amazing people in my life!


First up, my bosses! My assistant director got me that awesome Typo gift set – I’ve actually always wanted one of those mini trolleys lol! Andddd, my director went overboard and gave me  this beautiful bouquet of flowers at the Annual General Meeting in front of everyone at work, thanking me for all the behind-the-scenes work I’ve done.


Gifts from colleagues! That amazing girl, Zuz got me a gumball machine and a rape whistle keychain whistle; Preet gave me a lovely top and candle, Bonnie got me yummy Belgian chocolates and Alice gave me some Lindt chocolates!


Kris Kringle Presents! Starting from the left, Zuz (who got me for KK as well LOL) bought me a desk mood display and book of Ulta 3 nail polish; Jessie, my Black Milk KK, got me a Harley Quinn comic (♥), Australis nail polish and Revlon nail art pen; Amy from The Foolish Obsession, my Blogger KK, got me a gorgeous statement necklace, Essence eyeliner & mascara and Ulta 3 nail polish! And I also got a cute surprise Christmas card from Jennifer!


As I work in a Childcare/Kindergarten, I got some lovely gifts from some parents, which I am super surprised and happy about! For those who don’t know, I don’t actually work with the children but rather in the office so not many parents really know me. So when I came to work and saw these gifts on my desk, I was super happy! Chocolates from the Kwons, Lims, Wongs and Parayils; body scrub from the Fletchers; and the most amazing gift from the Wans …a Wedgewood christmas ornament ♥ ! I am so touched by all these gifts ;A;


Gifts from my parents! Yay! I’m always spoilt by my mum and I can’t thank her enough ♥
They got me a 2015 diary, new make up brushes, Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau So Fresh (cos mine has finished!!), Estee Lauder makeup set, top, three necklaces (one’s a music note!) and a blind spot mirror for my car! Amazing, as always!


Presents from the siblings! Before everyone freaks out – my sister did give me a MacBook Pro 15″ butttt it’s actually her old one as she just bought herself a new one lol! Nonetheless, she didn’t have to give it to me but she did so it’s counted as a gift! Anyway, my  younger brother got me the Marc Jacob’s Honey set (and boy does it smell good), my sister also got me a Benefit Makeup set and my older brother got me a Kikki-K Sentence a Day stationary set.


And last but definitely not least, Ashley bought me an amazing Kaiser Craft set of things he picked out himself!! Anddddd, $60 Playstation Store gift voucher to go buy Sword Art Online on PSVITA lol! Apparently, he couldn’t buy a good physical English copy of this game, so he got me the gift cards and used a customised cover over a different game box for it to look presentable! (I also got the other random game inside the box too lol!) ♥ Love him to bitsss!

All in all, I had an amazing Christmas celebration and received amazing gifts!
I am so thankful that I get to celebrate this day with my loved ones. I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas too, filled with lots of yummy food and was spoilt rotten in gifts!

What did you do and receive for Christmas?

‘Review': Lawn Mower

 Hello hello! You might be wondering ..why on earth is Melody reviewing a lawn mower?!
Well, you can blame that all to a guy named OJ. A couple of years ago, when I used to do a lot more make up and contact lens blog reviews, OJ gave me a challenge to review a lawn mower! He dared to say I wouldn’t be taller than it (hmphs). Although it’s a couple of years late, I have accepted the challenge and have reviewed my family’s lawn mower for OJ’s birthday. SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ! I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY AND FIND THIS REVIEW USEFUL!


The biggest challenge in doing this review was pretty much getting the lawn mower out of the shed in the backyard.
My dad is the only person who goes in there. Mainly because it’s an old tin shed with no lights and filled with dangerous Australian spiders and monsters. He wasn’t home, so I cried and begged for my mum to take it out for me. Unfortunately, she also thinks that shed is freaking scary, so I had to do it ;A; I ran in and out of there so quick…

 Review: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower

Model: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower (or so the label tells me!!!!)
Cost: ★★★☆☆!? Mum said she thinks they bought it for $299? Seems like it’s going $145 second hand atm
Durability: ★★★★★ It’s lasted a good 5-6 years now, so I’m sure that’s good ..right?!
Effectiveness: ????? No idea since I didn’t even turn it on hahahaha
Heaviness: ★★★☆☆ It was a bit of a struggle for a weakling like me, but I’m sure normal people will find it ok.
Appearance★★★★★ Anything that has the colour red is good for me!!!

Recommended?: I definitely don’t know if I should recommend this to anyone because what the hell do I know lol!
Overall, the lawn mower was actually quite heavy and took some muscle work to push it around haha! And look! I am definitely taller than it wooohoo. So I guess I can recommend this lawn mower to other short people!!


When my dad heard I was taking pictures with the lawn mower, he told me to cut the grass while I was at it -_-
I laughed and said no, before locking it back in to that terrible tin shed lol! Our backyard is pretty damn big and it’s alllllllll grass so there was no way I was going to actually cut the grass – especially in this Australian summer heat!!

I have nothing else to say in this post except HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ!
I hope you had a wonderful day and that you enjoyed reading my review on a lawn mower -_-

Australia Pax Day 2

P-p-pax day 2 is up and runnnning!
Apologies for the late posting! I’ve been waiting for Ashley to add his points in this post but he’s been quite sick lately, hence the delay. In better news, I hope everyone has bought their PAX tickets for 2015!!

As we were both super tired from the night before, we woke up later than planned woops. Since we missed getting to Maccas for brekky on time, which I was craving and knew we weren’t going to make the few morning panels that we had planned to attend, we just took our time getting ready and eating Huff haha. Received a couple of texts from friends asking our whereabouts so we could meet up woops. #NotEvenThereYet #StillEating


We arrived around 12pm and met up with Amelia, Alex and AK before heading in to the Expo Hall.
We wandered around a bit, played some indies and accidentally lost the rest of the group lol. Ash and I checked our schedule and noticed we only had a couple of minutes to check out ‘What’s driving the future of PC gaming?’. We were a bit worried because it seemed like a bigger panel and were afraid it was going to be like Bioware’s lines xP! Thankfully, it wasn’t and we got decent seats despite not lining up woo!



(L-R) Aidan Scanlan (Bioware), Jeffrey Yohalem (Ubisoft), Chris Roberts (Cloud Imperium Games), Callum Underwood (Occulus), Joe Olmsted (Alienware) and MC – Nic Healey (CNET)

There was a good line up of big shots from Ubisoft to Alienware (which you can see above) who discussed in depth the future of PC gaming. They spoke about the fusion of lounge and pc gaming, which included Alienware discussing their steam box. I really enjoyed this panel …until Chris Roberts started speaking lol. He interrupted the other panellist a few times rudely (asking if the consoles were paying Occulus to speak highly of them, and to tell Ubisoft that Assasins Creed’s graphics at E3 were a lie), and went on a couple of long monologues that put me to sleep (literally).

After this, we dashed to the Fruitbat theatre because Rym was running another panel, this time on Losing!
Again, his talk was engaging as he discussed how although in general he hates losing, there are certain circumstances where losing can be beneficial and add to the game play! For example, in the tabletop rpg Wheel of Fire where failing dice rolls adds to your storyline or in the game, Five Nights at Freddy’s where you get a jump scare. In comparison, Super Mario Bros is a story of winning, losing isn’t part of the story. Dying means reloading until you don’t die


Ash and I remembered that we wanted to check out the EA lounge and play the demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition so we headed there! Stupid us didn’t realise how many people were already waiting to play the game and we were told it’d be a 2.5 hour wait to play so we decided we’ll come back the next day :( This was super upsetting for a couple reasons that I’ll discuss in the next post!


Disappointed, we headed back down to the Expo Hall and caught up with the rest of the crew.
We watched Kyon play Just Dance for quite some time lol, and then we all had a turn at a speed typing competition. The damn keyboard was broken lol so that half the time, it didn’t even register the keys we typed. I’m proud to say that I came #11 with a score of 0.486 seconds to type ‘Novatouch’ woo! OJ came #14 and Kyon got #25 :)



Ash and I got separated from the group again whilst we aimed to check out more of the expo hall.
Notably, we got to play an indie game on the Occulus Rift. With the developer pack being available to purchase, there was a couple of Occulus Rifts around the expo hall this year to try out (instead of waiting at the main Occulus Rift stall for ages lol). The game we tried was Dead End Alley. The aim of the game is literally just to chop as many zombies as you can before you die haha. The whole experience was alright but not as amazing as I thought it’d be!


Ashley then tried out another Occulus Rift indie game – ZVR Apocalypse. I… was not going to do this haha.
The zombies looked a hella lot more terrifying and I wanted to sleep peacefully so I sat nearby whilst Ashley lined up to play :P Hilariously, just before Ash’s turn, a girl was playing and she freaked out so much that she pulled the Occulus Rift off within 1 minute of having it on haha. Thank goodness I didn’t play lol! Of course, #Macho #Manly Ash said it wasn’t scary at all -_-‘ He said the game was pretty much a really, REALLY basic (read: bad) zombie shooter with the added gimmick of aiming with the Occulus. Whatever was in the centre of your vision was your target.



After receiving countless texts from Alex about being hungry, we ventured off to find the crew for dinner.
We attempted to wait for Kyon to finish his tournament for awhile, but then decided we were all too hungry to wait any longer :P We wanted to eat at Merrywell, which was conveniently right near us (PAX 2014 location was amazing) but with the races being on as well, there was no way we could get a spot. We ventured in to Crown next and again, all the restaurants in there were full, so we made it our mission to find a big enough table in the food court! After finding a table, Ash and I eventually decided we’d get takeaway from the Merrywell and just eat it in the food court haha.


After dinner, Ash and I ventured back to Pax whilst the rest headed off home.
We bumped in to Kyon, and we decided to paint some miniature together while Ash played some tabletops with some of his buddies. Unfortunately, the mini painting section closed at 10:00pm, so Kyon and I were kicked out before we got to finish ;A; but nevermind! The three of us headed to the Console gaming section and played Battle Stadium D.O.N (aka. Shounen Smash Bros) haha it was heaps of fun :P Then, we played Sonic Racing on the PS3 and maaaaannn, I really hate racing games but that might be because I suck at them considerably (especially vs-ing these guys).



I was super tired by this point, and luckily it was closing time so we had to leave haha.
On the way home, Ash and I stopped by the 7eleven near my place to stock on Mothers for the following day. Amusingly, the worker had accidentally locked himself out so we couldn’t get anything lol! Thankfully, he eventually found a way in.