2015 in a Nutshell

It’s crazy to think that it feels like just yesterday that we were welcoming 2015!
This year has flown past really quickly and it’s worrying to think that I might be at that age where years begin to blend together eep. Seriously though, I vividly remember painting my nails for Easter :|

Anyway, when I’ve made these ‘year in a nutshell’ posts in the past, I’ve always been able to go through my photos and pick out the memorable moments of the year. But when I had a look at my photos for 2015, all I could find was food photo after food photo!? 90% of them being burgers lol! So because of this I dub 2015 the burger year.

Check Ash’s instagram @encephlon to find out his top 10 eatsburgers for 2015! 

No, really. We ate a lot of burgers lol. The above image is a “quick” compilation of only some of the burgers we consumed in 2015!! What theeee!!! And can you imagine that there is so much more than this photo holds purely because 1) I don’t always take photos of my food 2) there wouldn’t be enough space on this screen to fit all of them! Hah. So this explains my weight gain hah (srs tho I’m a fatty boomba now ;A;)


Thankfully, I managed to find some photos of things other than food and burgers hahaha.
2015 was also the year for education! I have my Bachelors of Biomed, Cert in Educational Support, as well as undertaking my Masters of Teaching (Primary) and Dip of Early Childhood. Super study load at the moment heh.


And I actually think most importantly, 2015 also held a huge ‘visual’change for me.
I’ll do a proper blog post about this in 2016 but I made the brave step to undertake Orthokeratology (Ortho-K). Simply, this is an overnight vision correction method that works by me wearing specially made hard-lens while I sleep. Because of this amazing treatment, I am able to see clearly for the first time without needing to wear glasses/contacts during the day. I promise I’ll post about Ortho-K soon but for now, just know that it is a much recommended option.

As all years, 2015 had many ups and downs but I believe it was overall a good year.
Let’s hope 2016 will be an amazing year for all of us too ♥

Happy New Year!

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Christmas 2015

and just like that, Christmas is already over!
It’s amazing to think that I’ve been making these Christmas posts for 5 years now. I just did a quick trip down memory lane and read my Christmas posts from 2010. All I can say is that mannnn some things have changed heaps! Not only has the amount of food increased, but so has the presents (check this post out from 2010!).


Christmas dinner was a little different this year again – not only did we have more western food on the table, but most of it was fast and easy cooking to save us time! In fact, some of the food was bought rather than made to make it easier for mum and myself (which at Christmas time is a much needed relief!).


The spread included: Lemon, rosemary and garlic roast chicken, marinara mussels, fresh prawns, rendang, salmon and cream cheese pikelets, spring rolls, hargow (bought from Costco!), as well as The Little Boy (Lamb ribs, pulled lamb shoulder, saucy beef brisket, house salad and coleslaw) bought from Big Boy BBQ thanks to Ashley ♥


After dinner, the youngins’ had fun playing some multiplayer games through Ash’s steam account. We shuffled a couple different games, but the sure favourite was of course Nidhogg which caused much excitement and frustration lol!

Nearing midnight, we begun the tradition of present opening!! One of my favourite things to do during this time is not actually open my own gifts, but rather to watch everyone’s expressions as they open up their gifts haha. It’s always a mixture of surprise and joy (and thankfully only rarely a look of disgust haha) which I absolutely love

My haul this year was amazing and I can never be more thankful for all the people in my life ♥


From work, I received the usual gift card as well as a bouquet of roses for all the hard work I’ve done. It is absolutely amazing to work for wonderful bosses and I feel grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to work there.


From the Assistant Director, I was surprised with the gift of Shellac Nails! I have never actually gotten my nails done ever so this was a real treat. I am so thankful for the opportunities, support and friendship she has provided me.


From Colleagues, I receivedL the Mecca Happy Hands and Chi Chi nail polishes from Zuz, hair brush from Nan, chocolates from Alice and Bonnie, Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream from Manisha, cute make up set from Kerryanne and a cute cupcake mug mix from (ex-colleague) Shalini. Being able to work alongside with people I can call my friends is a blessing in itself and I feel thankful for all the love they give me throughout the year!


From Parents at the centre, I received: a L’occitane soap and hand cream from the Parayils, candles from the Elbelli and Zaraie, cute cat cup from Lees, Handorf chocolates from the Zadehs, Jurlique hand creams from the Jiangs, Happy Lab chocolates and a necklace from the Lims, and finally some face masks and Zumbo macaron box from Ling!!


From some Kris Kringles, I received: a handmade Christmas Totoro from my work KK, Maxfactor eyeshadows and candy from my BM KK, as well as some jewellery and carry case from the KK that Alena set up. I am thankful for the random people that I get to meet during these little exchanges!


From my lovely parents, I received an assorted of wonderful items including a mirror that has LED lights!! Everything was perfect and I don’t think I dislike a single thing. I am so thankful for the unconditional love and support they have given to me since the day I was born. They do nothing but spoil me and never does a day go by that I feel blessed to be have been raised in such a loving home.


From my siblings, I received: a Napolean make up set from my older sister, Revlon make up set from my older brother, a hair straightener brush from my younger brother as well as a purse and top from Angela. I am very thankful for all the memories I share with my siblings, as well as the support they’ve given me over all these years.


And from Ashley, I received Kat Von D’s Monarch eyeshadow palette and the limited edition Minnie Mouse pandora charm!! I don’t think words can describe my feelings of love towards this particular individual. I am so thankful for his love, friendship, as well as all the memories and adventures we embark on together ♥

How blessed I am to be surrounded by my loved ones during this festive season.
From me to you, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a happy coming of 2016! ♥

Blind Guardian ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’

So in contrast to the previous post, I thought I would post about a completely different kind of concert :P
Earlier this year, Ash and I attended the Blind Guardian’s ‘Beyond the Red Mirror’ tour as VIP guests chyeaaaaa.


Metal concerts are a very different experience when compared to something like Big Bang. The fans are usually all big, white males who (for the most part) do not give a shit about the people around them, including little ol’ me. Of course, these same dudes like to take advantage of my height and thus feel no guilt in shoving me out of the way to get to the front. Le sigh. Thankfully I had Ash and another friend to help block them enough to allow me to enjoy listening to Hansi’s great voice!

Anyway, because of all this, I don’t actually have any (good) recordings of the concert boooo.
Seriously, it was hard enough holding on to the metal railing to try and keep me upright for the show hahaha


However, we did come away with some awesome signed goodies thanks to being VIP!
Unfortunately, the vinyl I ordered (Twilight of the Gods) didn’t arrive until after the concert so I wasn’t able to get anything I *owned* signed *cries* ..We did get Ash’s Night at the Opera vinyl and A Twist in the Myth book & lyric book signed! And all the posters we got with the VIP package, plus we received some cool t shirts.


Overall, Blind Guardian did a great performance that Ash and I both enjoyed heaps!
If you haven’t heard of them and like power metal, then I definitely recommend checking them out. Some of my favourite songs from Blind Guardian are: Twilight of the Gods, Valhalla (we continued to the tradition of singing ‘valhalla’ non stop haha), The Bard’s Song, Sacred Worlds and Sacred Mind.