BNT November Giveaway #4

Another week has passed, and we’re up to our last giveaway for this month! Firstly, congratulations to Mylinh for winning Giveaway #3! Secondly, I’m sorry that my posts have been slightly lacking – I’ve been busy with work and what not :( But either way, let’s start with the very last giveaway for […]

BNT November Giveaway #3

I can’t believe we’re already on our third giveaway for this month eep. But a huge congratulations to Sue Q for winning the second one!! I hope to see pretty pictures ;)

And don’t feel sad if you didn’t win the previous giveaway, because there’s still two more dresses to giveaway […]

BNT November Giveaway #2

Hello awesome people! Sorry that this is a bit late .. But now that Giveaway #1 is over (Congratulations Effie!) we can start with Giveaway #2 !!

Normally, I’d say that there’s plenty more opportunities in the future to win, if you didn’t this time around .. BUT, […]

BNT November Giveaway #1

Hello hello! Yup, it’s Giveaway time again! I am super excited to announce this humongous November giveaway sponsored by Button N Thread Boutique (remember them? click:1.2.3) ! Starting on the 1st November, we will be giving away one dress every week of November! That means, four lucky winners will each be walking with […]

Oriental Teahouse Giveaway

Hello hello wonderful bloggers ♥ Firstly, thank you for all your kind posts on the previous post! I will attempt to draw more hehe. Anyway, I have another wonderful tea to taste from the wonderful Oriental Teahouse! This time around it’s a refreshing herbal tea named ‘Calm & Concentration‘ and there’s an opportunity […]