Update + VLOG!

Hello wonderful people. Firstly, I want to thank every single one of you reading this for even coming to this blog and for following, subscribing and everything! ♥ You have all made this one girl really, super duper happy for the past two years plus :’) !

That’s me giving you all […]

Introducing MoeMall ~ ♥

Today I’d like to introduce all of to you an awesome shop/website, MoeMall Cosplay & Hobby Shop! If you attended Manifest, you would’ve seen their stall selling lots of cute figurines, cosplays, wigs, etc! And, if you didn’t know, they have their own store in Melbourne CBD and an online store which offers […]

Make Up Fun Video

Hey gorgeous people! So I’ve FINALLY uploaded the last video that Amanda, Sam and I did together while they were in Melb! This video doesn’t have much talking in it; and pretty much ..uh, is all fast forwarded because the video was wayyyy too long to upload on youtube and because we weren’t really talking […]

Video w/ Other Bloggers!

Hello beautiful people! So today, Amanda and Sam decided to head over to my place (sadly Tam and Min couldn’t make it) and we decided to do a vlog! We had seriously no idea as to what we should make the video about but we finally ended up with a few ideas haha. We eventually […]

Happy 2011 Guise!

♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!♥ Wishing everyone heaps of prosperity and good health for 2011. And as a New Year’s present(?), I’ve decided to give you the opportunity to laugh at this rather embarrassing video. Eeek. As always, it’s unlisted and comments/rating is disabled. So please comment in this blog post! (I used the internet […]