Blogging at Uni?

Hello wonderful people :) I am currently soaking up lots of Vitamin D as I type this blog post under the sun, which is kind of making me happy as my hair becomes a tangled mess from the wind! But yes, this is the first time I’ve ever really blogged away from the […]

Current Status

Hey wonderful people !  I know all of you have heard about the tragedy that is occurring in Japan and around the world at the moment. Apart from donating, there’s not much we can all do – so let us all keep them in our prayers and hope for a brighter tomorrow ♥ Anyway, I’m […]

Crazy Colourful

The other week, Lexy posted about a blog daring her readers to wear five colours in one outfit; and I stupidly accepted her challenge rofl. Basically, it seemed like an easy challenge right? Cept, I’m used to wearing monochrome colours and such … but anyway, here are pictures from my attempt. In this I am […]

Manifest SAT

I had a very busy busy busy day today with Manifest (Anime convention) and having to vote early in the morning! ♥ So because I`m tired and have to wake early again tomorrow, I`ll just let the photos do the talking! :) I’m cosplaying as Lenalee, whilst my boyfriend is cosplaying as Allen Walker – […]

So I’m like at University right now sitting with the Anime Club :)I am super glad that I joined this club because seriously, if I didn’t ..I might be just sitting by myself right now haha. But yes, I am sitting here with awesome people :)…My lecture for Biomedical Chemistry is in an hour and […]