REVIEW: Apple iPad

I haven’t been blogging much again due to the upcoming exams which I probably will fail if I don’t start shoving information down my throat. But in any case, here’s a quick review on Apple’s iPad.
- – – – – – -
Thanks to an awesome friend, who had this iPad on loan from work, I managed to tinker with Apple’s new iPad for approximately 30 minutes. So here goes in a quick and short review of it.

I found the iPad to be really really fun to play with. The amount of games that you could download *for free* (we were using the Monash network to download) was quite a bit; and held our entertainment for quite awhile. You have to be pretty careful with what you download however, as a lot of things are quite pricey and may have additional costs from your internet provider.

Games such as Tap Tap. Which is a rhythmic game that requires the player to tap on to the screen at certain places and times to the the beat of the song. The iPad had a really good touch response time and thus made playing games such as this (and others like air hockey) really enjoyable. With dual speakers, the iPad also produced quality sound.

I had originally thought that typing on this would be really hard, as it was a touch screen. So when I first opened up chat and started typing, I used it like I do with my touch screen mobile. By using, my pointer finger. But, as always, that takes awhile and is annoying when you want to type up a long sentence. So I decided to try using the keypad as you would a normal keyboard, and I can say that it worked perfectly! Of course, there were a few mistakes here and there when I didn’t press the key correctly ..but I thought it was really good :)

At only 680g, dimensions of 242.8mm (height), 189.7mm (width), 13.4mm (depth), and 32GB with Wi-Fi; this compact iPad costs $759AUD.
I can’t really say that I’m still in any favour to purchase this though as I consider it to be too much of a novelty; and not much more convenient. All in all; it was pretty much exactly like an iPhone ..although bigger, and had a little more specs to it.
I wish it had a webcam. And that the price wasn’t going to burn a humongous hole in my pocket; but other than that, I thought it was enjoyable and really easy to use. At the moment however, the model I was using did not have multi-tasking and therefore made a few things a little inconvenient.