Macchiato Brown

Hello dear friends!! How has everyone been faring for the past few weeks? I’ve actually been quite busy for the past week or so with University classes and having a social life. But it’s been good! It’s good being able to get out of the house and trying out new things with some […]

Happy Lunar New Year

It’s the day before the first day of the Lunar New Year, so here’s an early post to wish you all!! I hope that this upcoming new year brings you and your family good health, prosperity and luck! May the year of the Snake be a kind one to all of us, bringing […]

The colour of blood..

Hello hello! I apologise for the lack of posts lately – work has me busy and tired ;~; Either way, Christmas is coming up!! Aside from working, I’ve also been busying planning all my gifts and getting all my cards ready to send out! Too excited! Have I mentioned that Christmas is my […]

Review: Colour Nine Moon Gray

It’s always such a lovely surprise when I get unexpected mail ! And even better when it’s from awesome mukuChu with new lenses for me to try out. I feel like a kid again opening them up, eager to see what colour and style I’ll be reviewing next *_* Aha, but .. enough […]

Review: GEO Flower Brown

You know what’s an awesome feeling? Getting mail. Unless it’s bills, mail is probably the bestttt! Especially when you get packages, so when I got these lenses from mukuChu, I was super duper happy! Anyway, I think these are my first lenses that have some sort of ‘pattern’ in them ee!