Love Yourself Camwhore Competition

Have you ever felt embarrassed for being a camwhore?
Well, you shouldn’t. You should always love yourself and if taking pictures of yourself makes you happy and helps pass the boredom, then do it. No one should tell you what you can and can’t do ..except maybe your parents hehe :)
So in celebration of feeling better about yourself, I thought I’d hold a competition. A CAMWHORE competition! So if someone asks you “Damn, why are you so vain all the time?” – you can now reply that you’re doing it to enter my competition ;) And really, you should just do it for the fun of it. 
1. You have to be a GFC follower of this blog. 
2. Camwhoreeee! (or use an old pic)
3. Send one (or as many as you want) pictures to melludee[at]
or just upload it and leave it in the comment!
You can make a whole blog post about it too :) Just link it to me in the comments!
Prize : An essential for all camwhores!
***** Forgot to mention; if you’re not sending it via email and by my comments; please leave an email so I can notify you if you won or not ~! ^-^ *****
But, stuck on what type of pose you could be doing? 
Well, even I sometimes get a little lost on what to do for my photos so I end up doing random things! But yes, let’s get down to what I’ve got. There’s always the basics …
It always works right? And you can do it in self camwhore shots without looking like a total freak. (especially if you’re in public with many passerbys!) – even I think it’s too embarrassing heh.
But, when you’re at home or if you’re camwhoring with a close friend. Why not …get a little creative? I always find that “normal pics” with my friends get boring and I don’t end up looking at them later. I always love doing the weirdest faces so I can look back on it and laugh! 
You can use props to help to create a unique ..or weird pose! 
I think I would make a good psycho killer, no? hehe i’ll cut you with my scissors!
Or even the help of a pen or texta which you can use to add a little …humour in to your photo.
So, show me your camwhore shot!
It can be a normal, sane one or it can be as crazy as those other ones I posted ! 
Just remember, always be you and don’t ever hate how you look. Because, you are beautiful, no matter how you look. And you should have fun with it by taking heaps of camwhore shots! ;)
Happy Camwhoring!!♥
I’ll pick the winner by selecting my three most favourite and then picking it by random ! ;)
Competition Ends: 5th Jan 2011
Winners announced: 6th Jan
Open Internationally.

Magnum Temptation: Win $1000 !

Seek Your Ultimate Pleasure with Magnum Temptation Competition

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Magnum

Do you ever feel stressed out by all the work and the troubles in life? Ever wanted to indulge in something so badly but know that only a miracle could make that occur at that very moment? I know I have.
Growing up in Australia my whole life; I’ve never stepped outside this country. When I was younger, my parents used to promise my younger brother and I that we would go overseas in the Summer holidays; but fear of my “sensitive stomach” / “prone to always getting sick in foreign weather” – we never did. So now that I’m older; of courseee I’d love to just go on a WORLD TRIP.

Of course, this is impossible right now – with me being a student and having to commit my time to studying and all.
But yes. That is my indulgent fantasy. To be given the chance to travel around the world and meet new people / see new things. I need to be able to get out of this small little bubble that I’ve been living in for the past 19 years !
And where IN THE WORLD would I go, you ask?
The real list would be way way way too long so here’s just an idea of where I’d go in this fantasy of mine.

(All photos were taken from google and then photoshopped)
And well I could just go on and on but let me just get straight to the point of this post!
(Don’t mind that I’m “alone” in these pictures – it’s just because someone is taking the photo of me …right :D?!)
So, now that I’ve told you my indulgent fantasy - I want to hear yours!
Leave me a comment telling me what you would do in your most indulgent fantasy – is it to own a brand new car? Or maybe to have a never ending box of magnum temptation ;) ?
Or maybe you’d like to come travel the world with me?

The most creative answer will win $1000!
(That is judged by MAGNUM and not me)
That’s right. $1000 to spend on whatever your fantasy may be!
So what do you do have to do to be eligible to win this awesome sum of money?


1. Play the Magnum dice game and try to obtain the highest score possible
2. Leave your highest score and answer the question, ”What will you indulge in with $1000?” in a comment. (The comment must include their preferred contact method in case they win [blog URL, Twitter or E-mail Address].
3. Competition period is running from November 24 until midday on Tuesday December 14, 2010.
4. The winner will be the entry deemed most creative across all 23 blogs taking part in this campaign (See Terms and Conditions for full list)
5. The winner of the $1,000 prize will be announced on Friday December 17, 2010.
That’s all.

I’ll be waiting to hear all your exciting indulgences (and maybe I can add it to my list too!)
As always, check back for my replies :)
Only open to Australian residents – sorry :(!
(14TH DECEMBER 2010)


I promise, I’ll make a proper blog post tonight ♥
But I have to announce the winners from the Easy A competition, don’t I ?

I asked you guys to tell me a lie, and I had to pick five that I liked the best. I’m sorry that everyone couldn’t win, but there’s always next time ♥ ! Here are the people who’s lies are so awesome that they have won a double pass movie ticket to see Easy A !
This is going to be a long post please click the “Read more…’ to read the rest :)
1. Tam Nguyen

” My bestie R.M & I hung out with the wrong crowd back then we planned to go to a bday that had alcohol & do an all nighter afterward. I lied to mother & told her R.M is having a sleep over. At the party R.M end up ditching me for boys hence I got angry & hung out by myself =(
Benjamin was my crush since 6th grade and still was in year 9 when he moved suburb & I never saw him again, he was also there that night. He came over to asked if I still remember him & why I’m a loner. I told him what happened, we got on really well & ended up doing the all nighter anyway. Next morning I got home, went straight to bed to sleep off the fatigue. When i woke up my mum was already waiting in my room. She asked how was last night, I told her: “I had so much fun watching movies and eating popcorn in R.M’s room” she also asked if I went outside? I got worried but I stuck with my story that I was inside R.M house the whole night. She then questioned why my shoes & pants are muddy & a bottle of cruiser was in my bag. I was so scared I end up telling the truth but alcohol is a NO-NO so I said a friend asked to put it in my bag because she wasn’t carrying one. My mum automatically assumed R.M but no matter how much I said no she stuck to her guards. So I was prohibited to go out & was not allowed to hang out with R.M. I can’t imagine how bad my punishment would have been if I admitted to the cruiser :S Oh well I end up dating my crush since 6th grade and we are still together if it wasn’t for that night. “
I loved the fact that the consequences for this was bittersweet. And the fact that after so long, you’re still with him makes it seem like ..fate ♥

2. Min Teo

” This happened way back, when I was in Grade 4…
It was my best friend’s birthday party on Saturday in February. But my parents didn’t allow me to go over to a friend’s house even if it was just a birthday party. Besides, it was a Saturday and I had Saturday class that day. So I faked a self-made consent form (we have consent forms to attend Saturday class in Singapore) and even forged a teacher’s signature x.x
Well everything went well until here although I could sense that they were kinda suspicious of it. Both my parents are teachers so I think there’s nothing that would escape their eyes :( But anyway, they signed the consent form and sent me to school that Saturday morning. I entered the school but left as soon as the car was out of sight. I ran to the bus stop to meet up with my friends and off we went…
I arrived at her house with everyone there. We started playing games, went down for a swim and even had bbq. As the “consent form” states that I’ll be having class from 9am to 4pm, my kind parents (who knew that the canteen wasn’t open on Saturdays) went to school to pass me lunch :S They arrived in school at around 1pm and went straight to the general office and used the PA system to call for me! OMG x(
What was worse was that my dad was a good friend of my principal. So my dad showed the principal the fake consent form and called up the so-called teacher in charge whose signature I forged. 
She just so happen to still be in school at that time and went down to the general office. Of course, she knew nothing about my whereabouts because I didn’t even turn up for my class which was suppose to be from 9am to 12nn.
I didn’t have a mobile with me when I was in Grade 4 so there was no way they could contact me. On the other hand, I was having so much fun at me friend’s place that I totally forgot about the time. Before I know it, it was already 4pm! And I had to be back in school by 4pm. That was when I started to freak out cos it takes an hour or so to get back. (Like your parents, my parents are ALWAYS on time when they pick me up from school) So I was trying to think up of an excuse to say why I was an hour late…I decided on saying that the teacher had more to teach because exams are around the corner and thought I would get away with it. Boy was I wrong…
When I was walking towards school, I saw security guards(/policemen???) patrolling outside the school gate and it was then I knew I was in trouble.
My parents were sooooooooooo angry at me for getting my teacher into trouble and had me grounded apart from attending school. “
I really like this ..mainly because I can imagine the feelings you went through because I’ve been through a similar situation !

3. Ellie
“As a relatively innocent fourteen year-old I got caught shoplifting… But knew my parents were at work,so called home and made the confession the security guard insisted upon to our answering machine (pretending it was my mom) thinking I would be able to get home and erase it so no-one would be the wiser. Well, I beat my parents home, but unknown to me my grandmother was there, heard the whole message and it was very clear that I’d planned to get away with the whole thing perfectly. Not proud of it, but I never shoplifted again! (oh, and my punishment? I’d lifted a chocolate bar. All I received for my next birthday was bars and bars and bars of that same chocolate. The humiliation!)”

I enjoyed this comment a lot because the consequences was really really really funny !! xD

4. Monica L
“So like when I was small for some reason I didn’t like eating dinner much. One day I decided to throw the food away(Yes, i know I was wasteful and a bad child), but I tried to make sure that no one would find out. So stupid little me decided to throw away my food behind the table between the curtain in the lounge room in the corner. When I got my food for dinner I would throw it in that secret hiding place and wait like 2 minutes which I thought was AGES and then bring my bowl into the kitchen sink. My grandma would question me and say “You ate food that fast!?” and I replied with a yes hoping she wouldn’t think I chucked it away or anything. I did the same when my mum was home. Soon enough the pile of food built up in the corner LOL and I was glad that my lie was working. But, one day when my mum decided to vacuum in that area, she found the moulded food. She found out it was me who did it and I got a yelling from that and got smacked for wasting food, and from then I never threw my food away there again.”

I think this is an awesome comment because …I just find it so cute and funny that you threw food in to a corner of a room LOL x3

5. Jase

“Years ago, I was in math class once and told the teacher that I was substantially confident with everything in the class. I only said that because I did not want the teacher to continue asking me questions and so they’d go away as I was becoming increasingly embarrassed towards my inability to solve the math problems. Ultimately, this backfired severely the week after when I failed the test. It became clearly apparent that I did not know what was going on in the class.”
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST …..because I remember having the same feeling during math class ;A;

Congratulations to the winners! :) 
I need all of you to email me your mailing addresses to so the tickets can be posted out to you as soon as possiblePlease respond within 48 hours or else new winners may be chosen ! ♥