Manifest 2012

So, the long awaited Manifest (Melbourne Anime Festival) has finally come and gone! However, unlike previous years (, I only got to attend on the Sunday due to work and uni :( ! Either way, I was still excited to be going with my friends ♥ And of course, finally be able to […]

Introducing MoeMall ~ ♥

Today I’d like to introduce all of to you an awesome shop/website, MoeMall Cosplay & Hobby Shop! If you attended Manifest, you would’ve seen their stall selling lots of cute figurines, cosplays, wigs, etc! And, if you didn’t know, they have their own store in Melbourne CBD and an online store which offers […]

Manifest 2011 – Sunday

And we’re finally at the last of the Manifest posts! Sunday was a much better day in terms of my eye! The swelling had gone down significantly and I felt like a normal person ehe. The group of us got to the convention kind of late ..since we kind of all ..slept in […]

Manifest 2011 – Saturday

Warning: This post is possibly going to be very long ! This is due to Saturday being the “biggest” day of Manifest and also, the day that I took the majority of my pictures! Also, before I begin this post, I would like to add that I will and do photoshop my own […]

Manifest 2011 – Friday

Whew~ The past three days have been so tiring yet immensely enjoyable (: I attended Manifest (Melbourne Anime Convention) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! I’ll be doing three separate blog posts for each of the days, mainly because I took quite a bit of photos and having one long post would be a […]