Wishlist 2012

After much pestering from a certain few friends, I am writing my wishlist for my upcoming 21st birthday ♥ But really, I’m thinking after all these years .. I actually have no idea what I want any more. It seems that I either want really unrealistic things or things I can actually afford […]

Wishlist 2011

As per custom, and since my birthday is in approximately 3~4 weeks, here is my wishlist ! (Almost forgot until I got a formspring question asking about it ;A;)

Melludee`s Wishlist 2011

As you can see, this year, I actually am not sure about what I want for […]

Wishlist 2010

Every single year, people ask me to write a wish list that isn’t “hard” because I somehow write things that are impossible to obtain(?) Or at least our of people’s price range(?) I’m not sure why I do that ..I think it’s just a habit *-*! But anyways, I thought because my birthday is next […]