Wishlist 2014

Hello! Oh my glob. I cannot believe that my birthday is actually next week. I am going to ignore the fact that this means I’m steadily becoming an old fart. Anyway, as per tradition (2010,2011,2012,2013) here is my wishlist for 2014! Not going to lie, it’s getting harder each year to find things […]

Wishlist 2013

As another year passes, another birthday seems to creep closer .. And to follow tradition (2010,2011,2012) it seems only right to start writing my wishlist for my upcoming …22nd birthday (oh noooo, why does that sound old and how are the years flying past me so fast?!)

But yes, it’s actually […]

The Anti-Wishlist

As you can see, I recently wrote a wishlist which can be seen here. However, I was recently talking to a friend about this, and we both agreed that it’s quite hard to list things we want and even harder for people to use as a guide. We then started speaking about things […]