Asian Impressions Photoshoot

Hello everyone!! I apologize for my sudden absence from social media :( University has just started again so I’m trying to get back in to this whole groove again!

Anyway, about a month ago, I had the opportunity to meet the man behind Asian Impressions and organise a quick photoshoot whilst […]

Crazy Colourful

The other week, Lexy posted about a blog daring her readers to wear five colours in one outfit; and I stupidly accepted her challenge rofl. Basically, it seemed like an easy challenge right? Cept, I’m used to wearing monochrome colours and such … but anyway, here are pictures from my attempt. In this I am […]

Style: Dress for YOURSELF

Warning: Long Post + Lots of Old Photos. After going through some old photos, I’ve noticed that my style has changed quite a lot over the years. So, after thinking, I’ve realised that I’m dressing differently for the sake of others. (Photo taken in Year 11 – 2008) I’ve always been told that I dress […]