The Anti-Wishlist

As you can see, I recently wrote a wishlist which can be seen here. However, I was recently talking to a friend about this, and we both agreed that it’s quite hard to list things we want and even harder for people to use as a guide. We then started speaking about [...]

10 Things I Love

Quite awhile ago (aha-I’m so late gomen) Gerry tagged me in the “10 things I like” Tag. Hm, I found this tag kind of difficult yet fun at the same time. Difficult because thinking of only ten things that I could either take a picture of or document was kind of hard. [...]

I like Cameras

I think everyone should know by now that I like to fill each blog post with photos. And I like to fill it with my own photos because I don’t particularly like using other people’s photos unless it’s of a model or a movie or what not. Yeah? And it brightens the site/blog up [...]