Bad Study Habits

I’ve finally been released by the chains of uni exams …and am now free!! With all this free time I’ve now acquired, I decided to reflect on how I acted during the examination period for the past 3-4 weeks. And all I can really say is that I have some terrible habits that […]

Blogger’s Life

Being a blogger isn’t easy as most people think it is. Some people would think that a day in a blogger’s life would just include a few photos being taken, type up a quick post and ta~da! But alas, I am sure most of us can agree that it takes more than just […]

Handwriting Tag

Here’s hoping that this will begin to show up in your dashboards ^-^”! But anyway, I was tagged by Marie, Yumeko and Bunny to do the handwriting tag the other day, so here it is ! ♥ Yes yes, I promise I’ll be doing proper posts super super soon! But hereeee is what […]