Birthday Paintings

For those who follow me on instagram/twitter, you would know that Ash’s birthday just passed ♥ As I am a crazy girlfriend that loves spoiling her loved ones, I kind of went all out for Ashley’s birthday this year. To make me seem less insane, his presents were a combination of his birthday, [...]

Wishlist 2013

As another year passes, another birthday seems to creep closer .. And to follow tradition (2010,2011,2012) it seems only right to start writing my wishlist for my upcoming …22nd birthday (oh noooo, why does that sound old and how are the years flying past me so fast?!)

But yes, it’s [...]

Company of one.

「明日もずっとその先も 君といたいだけ」

Hello hello hello! How’s everyone been since my incredibly long absence ahem. I’ve been quite busy with work, uni and life in general :/ But in all of that, I’ve finally obtained my driving license hurrah! (Yes, finalllyy I hear you all say haha) But yes, it really does [...]

Bad Study Habits

I’ve finally been released by the chains of uni exams …and am now free!! With all this free time I’ve now acquired, I decided to reflect on how I acted during the examination period for the past 3-4 weeks. And all I can really say is that I have some terrible habits that [...]

When reality hits you

Oh hello stranger ♥ I’m sure you’ve all noticed the infrequency of my posting lately. It’s the combination of working a lot, having too many assignments and wanting to spend my free time with people I like. So, just like old friends catching up.. I want to bring you all up to [...]