Retrogamin B’day

Happy 23rd Birthday Ashley!

To celebrate Ashley’s birthday, we decided to hold a Retrogamin’ themed birthday party, fit out with some 8bit games and bittunes. Apart from styling up the place with some old school game memorabilia, we decided to cook up some deeeeeelicious party food, including Ash’s one and only special burger.


I actually took a day off work to help prep some food, and came over early to help set up some of the decoration, posters and plate everything!! Cleaning up took forever afterward, but it was worth it!

Here are some the selection of food that was on offer:


Pastries – Spinach & Feta Quiche, Ham & Cheese Quiche, Pigs in Blanket!


Sandwiches – Cheese & Cucumber, Egg Mayo, Ham & Cheese

Accompanying the above finger food, our guests were welcomed with a burger each!
For all those who RSPV’d on time, we made a deeeelicious burger with customised (by yours truly) flag with their name. Ash flipped and cooked the burgs to perfection, whilst I handled the assembly station as his sous chef.



I also made some desserts, which included a cake-version of Ash’s burger!
Unfortunately, I felt that the burger cakes didn’t turn out too well, mostly due to the lack of icing (sauce), making the whole cake + brownie taste a little bit dry together.


Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cupcakes, Nutella Pastry & Burger Cakes

Finally, for the special birthday cake, I got a bit lazy…and made a Neapolitan Ice Cream CAKE!

It has some cream, cookies, chocolate ganache and of course, all three Neapolitan Ice Cream flavours. As you can see, it unfortunately melted quite a bit, after I attempted to take it out of the springform pan… but hey, it was like 40°c that day, so it was a welcome treat!


And that’s another birthday party down!

Quick & Easy Dinner


Living at home with a mum who’s a good cook means you never really cook for yourself.

Often times, if I’m going to cook something, it’s usually to bake something. I rarely cook, but it’s nice to know that I am capable of making food that you can eat (appropriately) for dinner.

Ash recently worked at the Lavazza Italian Film Festival, and was “gifted” a box of penne pasta. Whilst working, he also got to sample some snacks they were serving, including truffle honey on prosciutto…so obviously, it meant that we had to re-create a nice Italian dinner ourselves using the penne! We made:

Prosciutto wrapped breadsticks with parmesan and truffle honey; Creamy chicken and bacon pasta; and some roasted vegetables (to ensure we got to eat something healthy lol)

Delicious? Definitely.

First Time HOTPOT


Would you believe me if I said, “I’ve never had hotpot before”?

Because it’s true. I’ve always heard of other Asian families eating hotpot/steamboat, but I just never have (my family is weird)! I really wanted to see what the fuss and hype was about, so for my Father’s Day, we decided to plan for him a surprise hotpot dinner!

With a Tom Yum soup base, we prepared both beef and pork, prawns, some assorted of fishcakes, tofu, mushrooms, vegetables and noodles. It was super easy to prep, as most things are just bought. The main thing to cook is really the Tom Yum soup base.

I finally know what I was missing out on!