Our First Date

Whilst spontaneous dates are exciting, it’s always nice to have a nice planned evening out!
So this was in awhile ago, in March, but Ashley arranged a lovely night out for our first proper date since being together ♥

Before we started dating, Ashley and I talked a lot about random things.
One of them was my dislike for lamb and his love of it – he insisted that I had never tried good lamb so my opinion of it was invalid. To prove his point, he took me to one of his favourite Greek restaurants, Stalactites. As someone who had (I have a billion times now) never really eaten Greek cuisine before, I let him pick and order everything.

Verdict? Everything was actually super delicious, including the lamb.
I probably didn’t enjoy the meat as much as he did, but I can’t deny that I did quite like it. Although, my favourite would definitely be the dip and bread! Oh, the salad was delicious too! I guess he won me over. Which I guess is kind of obvious by the amount of times I’ve eaten Greek food in the past 6 or so months since being with him >:/

After dinner, we walked off to Terra Rosa Restaurant Bar, where we had booked a Cocktail experience.
Along with a plate of various desserts, the bartender also designed a cocktail for the both of us. Ashley’s cocktail was quite alcoholic with an orange flavour and a milky texture; whilst mine was light, sweet and fruity.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think he’d be able to pull off such a good night.
But it turned out wonderful and it was an incredibly sweet first date night for the both of us ♥

Hairdresser on fire

Oh hello there! How has everyone been faring for the past couple of weeks?
I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks with assessments, work and …life ;^; ! But yes, there’s been so much happening in my life lately; one huge thing in particular that many of you would already know would be that I dyed my hair a red-purple about a month ago. I went to a Korean salon advised by THIS guy (WHY WOULD I TRUST A WHITE MAN?!)

So yes, the above photo is the wonderful result of our FOUR HOURS in the salon (mainly mine though seriously)
We both underestimated how long we’d actually be in there …or really, how long my hair would take. So, for reference sake, I’ve included our not so wonderful  pre-magical hair transformation photo below! (I really needed a hair cut)

Ash also decided to get his hair dyed because well, WHY NOT? And he had never done it before.

Anyway, at this point, we explained what we both wanted to our amazing hair dresser.
Whilst Ashley’s intended hair was going to be super easy to do (stupid white man and his ability to not need bleach) and wouldn’t cost that much ….I wasn’t that lucky. What I wanted would take at least 3 bleaching attempts,  numerous hours and ..would total up to $490. I freaked out obviously. Thankfully, we managed to cut it down to $390 after agreeing on only 2 bleaches and cutting out some things. This was still expensive but I felt the need to splurge?? ;^;

Oh I should mention that I had NEVER bleached my hair before so …that was definitely an experience!!
Below are the progression shots of my hair over FOUR hours (Idek how Ash managed to stay sane for that long)

Here goes the first bleaching attempt ..and some strange looking contraption ..that ..serves …a purpose I don’t know.

I’m fairly sure this is after ..the second bleach? I’m not too sure but ..omgahhh so orange! I was so excited when they finally started putting the colour in my hair by the way. IT TOOK HOURS TO GET TO THIS POINT and I was progressively getting frustrated at having to get my hair washed constantly haha (Ash woulda been done by this point)

If you can see in the first photo above, Ashley is having fun waiting for me ….whilst playing on his slowly dying phone hahahahaha. But yesss, waiting for that many hours was a feat even for me ..so kudos to him!! ♥ But I was so excited when they finally started styling my hair!! After those many treacherous hours of sitting ..waiting ..getting my hair washed ..and then having my head put in to strange looking machines … I was finally doneee! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

But yes omgah, I was so happy with how my hair turned out (and yes, Ashley’s too) !!! ♥
SO HAPPY, that I included another photo of us ..although with Ash looking away bwahahah. But seriously, look at dem curls. I have yet to be able to recreate this look … but ..at least I have forever captured this moment on camera!

Since the whole hair dying experience was a first for both of us a in away, we decided to celebrate by going to a bar and getting a drink (which by the way was a first for me too – since I don’t usually drink alcohol)

But I actually had a really good day with Ash, despite staying at the salon for four freaking hours!
Oh, and I bet you’re all wondering how our hairs have turned out a month later… and well, the purple in my hair … WASN’T THE BEST CHOICE. It pretty much faded within a week! I struggled with maintaing the red in my hair, so using a red dye shampoo removed the purple quicker. Ashley, obviously HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH HIS HAIR (damn his genes). His now looks like a  nice auburn colour ..while mine is continuously trying to turn orange >:|

Lesson: Ombre is hard to freaking maintain ..and splurging $390 on your hair is a bit insane.

What colours have you dyed your hair?

Dressed for High Tea

A group of friends and I went out for some delicious high tea the other day!
We actually intended to all be dressed in lolita ..but uh, lack of funds and ..laziness meant that more than half of us didn’t have a lolita dress by that time. Regardless, we made sure that we all came in dresses!

I didn’t want to wear this dress again, because I felt like it didn’t suit ‘high tea’ so I went through my cupboard and picked this Romwe Peter Pan Collar dress that Vu bought for me for Valentines earlier this year. It’s Winter in Melbourne at the moment, so this warm dress was perfect! It was simple, yet I loved it! And the dress is good for twirling in hehe.

So in our dresses, we headed over to the National Gallery of Victoria for some delicious high tea !
I won’t post too many photos of the food ..because I thought it’d be better to save that for my monthly food post ..considering I’ve hardly eaten out at all this month (due to exams) so yes. We each had the ‘Afternoon Tea’ set which was $35 per person. An array of pastries, scones and sweets was welcomed eagerly by all of us ♥

Since so many of you loved the gifs from the last post, I think I’m going to include more and more of them!
I think the next time we go out for some cakes .. I’m definitely going to wear a lolita dress! Cakes are better when you’re in a poofy skirt .. heh. It’s also great being able to take so many pretty photos with the rest of the girls! You can’t really take ‘pretty’ photos with guys! (except for Vu of course, who is ever willing to pose in photos with me ♥)

Do you put lots of sugar in your tea?

I think I put in a little too much sugar in to my tea haha ..but it sure was yummy ♥