Sweet Valentines

This might be a little late, but then again ..all my post seem to be (my birthday 2014 will go up soon, I promise!)
Annoyingly, Ash was actually rostered on to work Valentines evening so we had to celebrate the day after, but eh who cares~ love and gifts (hint hint) shouldn’t be confined to only one day a year!! ♥



As I had already spent a lot on Ash’s birthday (post coming soon too lol!) we agreed that I didn’t need to get him anything. But hey, when I saw that awesome card, I knew I had to make some bacon roses to go along with it haha!

Note: If you’re planning on making some bacon roses, note that bacon does shrink ..and will stick..


Not wanting them to go cold and gross, I made Ash eat them straight away lolol!
Even though you only see 3 delicious bacon roses gathered in my beautiful baking paper gift wrapping, I actually made about 6 in total…I just so happened to eat the “ugly” ones hahah ;)



Of course, the way to my heart is through KRISPY KREME donuts hehe
They were absolutely delicious and I will admit that the sprinkles fell all over his car seat while I tried to eat them haha. Don’t worry though, we actually went to a car wash after this -_-” And yesssss, he got me the cutest Harley plush ♥ ! Made by the Funko crew, she’s pose-able and quite heavy, so she can stand up all by herself!

We did some stuff in between here and dinner, which you’ll be able to see in the last gif.


Mine: Colonel – Southern fried spicy chicken, coleslaw & a chipotle sauce in a soft white bun | His: The General – Two premium Aussie beef patties, minced fresh daily, melted double cheddar cheese, pickles, grilled onion, American mustard, jalapenos & a tomato sauce in a brioche bun. (Removed jalapenos, and swapped in ‘special burger sauce’ instead)

For dinner, we took the long drive to Dandenong Pavillion for their secret burger menu.
As there was no indication that each burger came with their own set of fries, we ordered fries as a side -_-” LE SIGH. Anyway, I ordered the Colonel burger which was filled with tasty fried chicken! I know, I know …”chicken burgers” aren’t really burgers, but whatever, I love my fried chicken and I’m glad I got it! It was crunchy and tasted delicious …although, I would probably swap to a brioche bun next time though. I can’t remember exactly, but I’m fairly sure Ash regretted his decision on swapping to the special burger sauce, and would just keep the original next time …but we’ll wait for his second burger post (gotta remind him to do it soon!!) for a proper review.

ANYWAY, as I am on snapchat quite often.. I decided to put up my snap story for the day!

Here, you’ll see that we went to the Drive Thru cinemas after dinner …but due to 1) a shitty low screen* and 2) ‘first come first serve’ basis, we were stuck behind a damn 4WD whose boot door blocked half the screen for us. (*they tore down the screen the day after we went lol) Ash was so pissed off that he complained, got a refund plus a complimentary ticket before we left lol. Supa sad too because we had bought all our snacks and drinks already :(

To cheer him up, we played Blood Bowl at my house until about 2am -_- (I was dead at work the next day lol)
All in all, despite the crappy cinema experience, I had an awesome Valentines with Ashley :)

How was your Valentines? ♥

One Year Anniversary in the Mountains!

Huzzah! I can’t believe I actually managed to post another within a week!
I’m actually pretty sick right now but can’t seem to get to sleep at the moment, so hopefully writing this will do the trick. Anyway, as some of you may have seen from my instagram, Ashley and I celebrated our one year anniversary in March!

To celebrate we did something out of the ordinary and went to Mt Dandenong for some nature.
Thankfully we didn’t do anything that required me to start trekking up some grassy hills (phew). Instead I had to suffer endless torture of Ashley’s crazy speeding up and around the mountains before we finally reached our destination..

The Cuckoo! A German-esque buffet that Ashley loved and visited plenty as a child.
The place was gorgeous and although I was actually unfortunately sick then too (my immune system sucks) the food was delicious. But of course, my wonderful German boyfriend does not care for food first, he cares for ..German beer. I actually tried some of it and it tasted way nicer than some other beers I’ve happened to taste before.


After our fill, we ventured further up the mountain (on minimal petrol) to explore Olinda and Sky High.
It was actually pretty late at this point so nothing much was open, but it was still fun to roam through their ‘Secret Gardens’ and alike. We also managed to watch the sunset from Sky High which was pretty romantic, if you choose to ignore a strange guy who looked like he was high(at Sky High haha) sleeping on the grass near us. Ahem.

Giants Chair

So after having to endure Ashley speeding down the mountain again (sigh) we decided on the whim to go to Rollerama – as it was near and it was something I frequented as a child a lot! Man. What a mistake that was.

So Ashley didn’t know how to rollerblade. No biggy, right? I imagined those romantic movies where couples skate together clumsily but lovingly, yeah? Nope. I didn’t seem to realise that those movies always seem to have the guy teaching/helping the girl, and if it was the other way around …the guy was not a whole foot taller than you. I was too short and too weak to even attempt to support or teach him. SIGH. There goes that little romantic scene…

All in all, our anniversary was jam packed and pretty awesome in my opinion.
And Ashley is a pretty amazin’ boyfriend ♥

Sweet Summer Child

Beach time!


It’s a wonder how the time has flown by so fast; can you imagine that it’s meant to be Autumn right now!
Life is so incredibly busy now and I feel like I haven’t had a day to just relax in so long. But nevertheless, being on the constant move at least ensures that I’m not wasting away in front of my computer mindlessly scrolling through things. These photos are about a month old, but the memory of the sun, sand and cool breeze makes me yearn so much for those never ending Summer days filled with leisure, that are unfortunately leaving us quite quickly..

Soon the leaves will fall and as it gets colder, we are given an ever-present reminder that…
Winter is Coming