Heat Group Make Up Haul

Firstly, I promised Vu I would post this photo up when it was the Easter weekend…

Anyway, I was supposed to be blogging about my Black Milk Galaxy Leggings.. But I feel like the photos I have taken do not give them enough justice ..so, that post [...]

Under the tree..

Eep, so I am a little late but – Merry belated Christmas everyone! (I can’t believe how fast time flies past ..do you remember my Christmas post last year?!)

I hope you all enjoyed whatever festivities that you may have engaged in! Anyway, as it is [...]

The Birthday Haul ~ ♥

Hello gorgeous and wonderful people ~ ♥ Sorry for not posting that much, I’m currently in the midst of my exams (1 down 4 to go!) so I’m slightly – if not very – busy with attempting to study and ..well yeah. But I finish exams on the 9th (next week) so yay, [...]