David’s Restaurant

Last week, I was invited to go to an amazing event titled #Dlaunch So what the heck was this #Dlaunch that I kept tweeting about? It was in fact the relaunch of the popular and ten Chef’s hats awarded David’s Restaurant in Prahran! And gosh, what an amazing experience it was for [...]

Monthly Noms~

Hello! So, it has come to my attention the boyfriend and I eat out a lot! So, taking the idea from le awesome Sue, I have decided to hold a ‘monthly noms’ (food) post, where I just post all the photos of the food that I have eaten for that month! (This [...]

Little Nyonya Docklands

Hello hello! How has everyone been doing? Some time ago, I bought a Groupon Voucher for $89 (~$273.60 in value) to a Six-Course Malaysian Chinese for Four Meal at ‘Little Nyonya’ which is situated in Docklands! So last Saturday, after I finished work, I finally got to use the voucher and eat [...]

My life in snapshots

Ahoy ahoy! So, Christmas is so very close, which is the reason why I’ve been so busy lately. I’ve been out and about buying gifts, writing Christmas cards and spending some quality time with the family (and Vu!) so I haven’t really taken much photos in the past few days. Even though [...]


I’ve been craving some Japanese food lately. More specifically, I really want to eat some soft shell crab sushi or some katsu curry ♥ ! But since at the moment it’s 11pm, and I don’t have access to any of this, I thought I would just leave you all with some photos I [...]