Review: Tokyo Kitchen Sakae

Japanese food is definitely one of my favourite cuisines. Sadly, there aren’t that many great Japanese restaurants near me. So you can imagine my joy when Ashley told me of this wonderful Japanese restaurant right near his work place in Brighton!

Funnily enough, we decided to visit on a day where […]

Eat with Melody: Pig Shaped Buns

Have you been to Tokyo Hometown? If not, you need to go immediately! It’s a wonderful Japanese grocer in the city that stocks some pretty cool Japanese and other Asian grocery items. On one of my wallet-burning visits, I found these buns in the freezers. Remembering all the instas I’ve […]

Review: Three Monkeys Place

I actually really like going to cafes – the food is usually amazing, they turn out great in photos and the ambiance is usually perf – but, the only problem I have with cafes is that so many of them are only open until 4pm! I’m not an early bird and I finish […]