Christmas 2013

Hi! Omg, yes. I haven’t posted here in ages because I’ve been so busy!! Anyway, I can’t believe Christmas has come and gone so quickly! The tree in the photo below is now bare and present-less :'( It’s something so sad to witness every year after everyone opens their presents!!

Christmas Traditions

Hello hello!! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Can you imagine it’s already been a year since last Christmas?! Eep. I also spent Christmas very differently this year as it was a lot more eventful than our usual small family gathering. But it was crazy fun and I enjoyed every bit of it […]

Under the tree..

Eep, so I am a little late but – Merry belated Christmas everyone! (I can’t believe how fast time flies past you remember my Christmas post last year?!)

I hope you all enjoyed whatever festivities that you may have engaged in! Anyway, as it is well […]

It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas is already tomorrow and I’m super duper excited! I don’t think there’s been a single year where I have not been excited over the festivities, joy, songs, house lights and presents!! My younger brother seems to have outgrown it, but I haven’t. Even after 20 years, I am still super duper excited […]

Christmas Love

Merry Christmas Everyone ♥

With all the gift hunting and the food making, sometimes we forget what the true meaning of Christmas is. And even if you aren’t a Christian, like myself, and do not believe that Christmas was the day that Jesus was born on to this Earth, you should still understand that Christmas […]