Birthday Dinner at Maha

Oh no. I know what some of you are thinking – I’m posting about the boyfriend’s birthday and I haven’t even posted about my own birthday from late last year yet woops. Oh well ..I’ll get to that eventually, I promise haha!

So, for Ashley’s actual birthday, I took [...]

Le Birthday Haul

Hello! So uhm, my birthday was in October and this is an incredibly late birthday haul. Regardless, I knew I had to do this before Christmas and definitely before 2012 ends!! So this is a blog post dedicated to every single person who gave me something for my birthday ♥ You guys are [...]

Le 21st Birthday Partay

As you lovely people know, I turned 21 about a month ago! As turning this certain age is a milestone of sorts (despite it not really meaning much in Australia), I decided to celebrate it with some pretty awesome people. I had quite a number of venues sought out for this event, [...]

21st Birthday

As of the 10th of October, I have finally turned 21 years old! I spent my birthday with Vu, pretty much just driving around to different places ♥

Black Milk Evil Cheerleader Dress, Laura Ashley Cardigan, Alannah Hill Bag, Tiffany&Co Necklace, Naughty Monkey Heels

Wasn’t in the mood for taking [...]

Wishlist 2012

After much pestering from a certain few friends, I am writing my wishlist for my upcoming 21st birthday ♥ But really, I’m thinking after all these years .. I actually have no idea what I want any more.  It seems that I either want really unrealistic things or things I can actually afford to buy [...]