The Experience: Intel Ultrabook

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Hello! I know you heard quite about the awesome Intel Ultrabook already… But I just wanted to add a little bit more on my experience of using it. Considering, I believe I mentioned how different it was for me since I usually use my desktop or iPad for […]

Intel Ultrabook Convertible

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Hello wonderful people! Today, I have something pretty exciting to share and review with you! As some of you may have seen from my tweets / instagram, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to play with an Intel Ultrabook Convertible for the past week :) I was incredibly excited […]

David’s Restaurant

Last week, I was invited to go to an amazing event titled #Dlaunch So what the heck was this #Dlaunch that I kept tweeting about? It was in fact the relaunch of the popular and ten Chef’s hats awarded David’s Restaurant in Prahran! And gosh, what an amazing experience it was for me!


Delicious Yoplait

Yoghurt is something that I’m sure most of you have eat and love! So, when Nuffnang announced that their Product Talk was going to be Yoplait, I jumped at the chance! So, if you’re familiar with Yoplait, you would have noticed that their packaging has changed and looks so much cuter! They’ve all […]

Magnum Temptation: Win $1000 !

Seek Your Ultimate Pleasure with Magnum Temptation Competition

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Do you ever feel stressed out by all the work and the troubles in life? Ever wanted to indulge in something so badly but know that only a miracle could make that occur at that very moment? I know I have. […]