Review: Mouriya Kobe Beef Dining

Hello true believers, Ash here to faceroll my keyboard until a blog post coalesces

One meal we had in Japan deserves special attention, more so than the rest. The place in question is called Mouriya, and being situated in the heart of Kobe, it was only fitting that they specialised in Kobe beef. Having already dabbled in the stuff in a couple other places and being aware that it is beyond scarce outside of the Nihons, we (mainly me) wanted to experience the absolute best of this delicacy, and in light of it being our last supper in Japan, we decided to go fancy.

神戸牛フィレステーキコース (Kobe Beef Fillet Steak Course)

Mouriya opened up their first location in 1885, and their longstanding success serves as a testament to the fact that are one of the most famous and well-regarded Kobe Beef restaurants.

  Other than the striking stained glass windows, another pleasant facet at the outset was the personal table service we got from the chef.  When choosing drinks he cheerily informed us that due to ongoing Whisky Festival celebrations, all their scotches were discounted and seeing as how we were already spending a pretty penny, decided to hit up the fancy stuff: Macallan.

前菜(Hors d’oeuvre): duck liver pate


サラダ (Salad): Roast Kobe Beef Salad

スープ (Soup): French onion soup

 It soon became apparent that the cuisine was largely French-inspired,  and prepared with top Japanese produce. For hors d’oeuvre, we had some tantalising duck liver pate. Following that, we had some tasty roast Kobe beef salad and French onion soup, using what we were informed are the best Japanese sweet onions – which may sound a bit like hyperbole, but I can say it was some damn good soup.

フィレステーキ: Ashley: 150g of A5 Kobe Beef Filet Tenderloin Steak | Melody: 80g of A5 Kobe Beef  Filet Tenderloin Steak

Finally, ladies & gentleman, what you’ve all been waiting for, the main course: Kobe Beef Filet Tenderloin cooked medium-rare on sizzling hot plates. Other than it’s succulence and being super delicious, the fact that it’s A5 tenderloin says it all: SO GOOOOD.


 I cannot praise this place enough. Seriously, the food and not to mention the service was some of the best I’ve ever had – if you plan to take a trip to the land of the rising sun soon and have even a passing interest in beef, make sure to pen Mouriya into your itinerary. While it may break the bank, you won’t regret your newly broken bank one bit.

Me and Mr Kobe Beef Grill Man

 Mouriya Kobe Beef Dining
Kakuten Bldg. 2F, 1-9-10 Kita Nagasa Dohri,
Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, 650-0012

2016 in a Nutshell

   It is incredibly amazing (yet scary) how fast 2016 has flown by!
It has definitely been a great year, and I think I can define 2015 as the Year of Travel.


One of the main highlights of 2016 was that it was the year that marks my first trip overseas ever!
In February, Ash and I embarked on our first journey to Japan. Neither of us had ever traveled overseas before so it was a rather memorable experience for both of us. My dream of visiting Japan was finally fulfilled and I can’t wait to go back again! (Seriously, we keep planning all the places we’ll visit hahaha)

We also had a short trip to Sydney in June, which was also lots of fun.


I think in 2016 alone, we stayed in 5 Airbnbs, 1 Ryokan,  1 Resort and 1 Hotels!!
It was actually really nice to be able to get away  from reality and escape to these many places.


The other highlight of 2016 was being able to meet several band members/celebrities!
While some we may have paid for, the rest were met at bars after the concerts which was super awesome.


2016 was also filled with quite a couple of unexpected farewells, but it just opened up the door to making new friends!

Farewell 2016! You’ve been fun, and I hope that 2017 will be just as good ♥

Christmas 2016

Oh my! Can you believe Christmas has already come and gone?! Nooo :'(


I was very happy that Christmas Eve fell on a weekend this year! It meant that I was able to help mum set everything up from the start of the day, rather than having to rush home right after work to get things done haha. And I think it definitely paid off! Everyone agreed that it was the most impressive spread we’ve ever done!


For dinner, we seemed to have a lot more seafood! We had: rendang, tofu, mussels, oysters, fresh prawns, brocollini, salmon cream cheese pikelets, roast duck pancakes, and some American bbq meats from Big Boy BBQ


Our family Christmas dinners keep getting bigger every year!
After a delicious dinner, we played some old school games like Crash Bash and NBA Jam. But of course, the most exciting part of the night for everyone was …present opening timeee! I am definitely so blessed  to have the family and friends that I do who have gifted me with such amazing things this year

♥ ♥ ♥


I received a plethora of things from my colleagues this year!
I received face masks from Nan; soap from Bonnie; Ecoya candle from Jo; jewelry from Hannah (who also gave me jewelry for my KK); Alice in Wonderland stationery and Orange  essence from Audrey; Myer gift card from work; chocolates from Tina; a fan pen from Agnes;  as well as a candle, frame and plant from Rhianna ♥

How blessed am I to be able to work with such amazing and thoughtful people.


From the parents at my centre: I received chocolates from the Lims, Zadehs and Velimirovics! I also received a candle from the Elbellis, as well as a Juicy Couture perfume from Ling ♥ I am so blessed to have thoughtful parents at our centre!


From some lovely friends, I received: a kimono from Angela; Le Vin alcohol from Cindy & Nico; lollies from QuestJen; as well as  a Chocolate Dog and Batman book from Shalini! Some friends come and go, but I am blessed to have the ones I do in my life.


From my wonderful parents, I received so many things from Lancome!
I am so blessed to be have been born to such loving parents who have given me so much in my life. I love them more than anything and I am so thankful for all their love ♥


 From my siblings, I received Kat Von D and OPI from my older brother and his partner; Sephora palette and Clinique items from my older sister; and a Artist kit and Kikki-k set from my younger brother!

Everyone complains about their siblings, but I am blessed to have such wonderful ones.


From my loving boyfriend Ashley, I received Peter Alexander cake pyjamas and J.K Rowling’s  Fantastic Beasts book! I am so blessed to be with someone who embraces and loves me, despite all my craziness!

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year and nothing has changed.

Merry Christmas everyone ♥