‘Review': Lawn Mower

 Hello hello! You might be wondering ..why on earth is Melody reviewing a lawn mower?!
Well, you can blame that all to a guy named OJ. A couple of years ago, when I used to do a lot more make up and contact lens blog reviews, OJ gave me a challenge to review a lawn mower! He dared to say I wouldn’t be taller than it (hmphs). Although it’s a couple of years late, I have accepted the challenge and have reviewed my family’s lawn mower for OJ’s birthday. SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ! I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY AND FIND THIS REVIEW USEFUL!


The biggest challenge in doing this review was pretty much getting the lawn mower out of the shed in the backyard.
My dad is the only person who goes in there. Mainly because it’s an old tin shed with no lights and filled with dangerous Australian spiders and monsters. He wasn’t home, so I cried and begged for my mum to take it out for me. Unfortunately, she also thinks that shed is freaking scary, so I had to do it ;A; I ran in and out of there so quick…

 Review: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower

Model: Victa 375 Sprint Lawn Mower (or so the label tells me!!!!)
Cost: ★★★☆☆!? Mum said she thinks they bought it for $299? Seems like it’s going $145 second hand atm
Durability: ★★★★★ It’s lasted a good 5-6 years now, so I’m sure that’s good ..right?!
Effectiveness: ????? No idea since I didn’t even turn it on hahahaha
Heaviness: ★★★☆☆ It was a bit of a struggle for a weakling like me, but I’m sure normal people will find it ok.
Appearance★★★★★ Anything that has the colour red is good for me!!!

Recommended?: I definitely don’t know if I should recommend this to anyone because what the hell do I know lol!
Overall, the lawn mower was actually quite heavy and took some muscle work to push it around haha! And look! I am definitely taller than it wooohoo. So I guess I can recommend this lawn mower to other short people!!


When my dad heard I was taking pictures with the lawn mower, he told me to cut the grass while I was at it -_-
I laughed and said no, before locking it back in to that terrible tin shed lol! Our backyard is pretty damn big and it’s alllllllll grass so there was no way I was going to actually cut the grass – especially in this Australian summer heat!!

I have nothing else to say in this post except HAPPY BIRTHDAY OJ!
I hope you had a wonderful day and that you enjoyed reading my review on a lawn mower -_-

Australia Pax Day 2

P-p-pax day 2 is up and runnnning!
Apologies for the late posting! I’ve been waiting for Ashley to add his points in this post but he’s been quite sick lately, hence the delay. In better news, I hope everyone has bought their PAX tickets for 2015!!

As we were both super tired from the night before, we woke up later than planned woops. Since we missed getting to Maccas for brekky on time, which I was craving and knew we weren’t going to make the few morning panels that we had planned to attend, we just took our time getting ready and eating Huff haha. Received a couple of texts from friends asking our whereabouts so we could meet up woops. #NotEvenThereYet #StillEating


We arrived around 12pm and met up with Amelia, Alex and AK before heading in to the Expo Hall.
We wandered around a bit, played some indies and accidentally lost the rest of the group lol. Ash and I checked our schedule and noticed we only had a couple of minutes to check out ‘What’s driving the future of PC gaming?’. We were a bit worried because it seemed like a bigger panel and were afraid it was going to be like Bioware’s lines xP! Thankfully, it wasn’t and we got decent seats despite not lining up woo!



(L-R) Aidan Scanlan (Bioware), Jeffrey Yohalem (Ubisoft), Chris Roberts (Cloud Imperium Games), Callum Underwood (Occulus), Joe Olmsted (Alienware) and MC – Nic Healey (CNET)

There was a good line up of big shots from Ubisoft to Alienware (which you can see above) who discussed in depth the future of PC gaming. They spoke about the fusion of lounge and pc gaming, which included Alienware discussing their steam box. I really enjoyed this panel …until Chris Roberts started speaking lol. He interrupted the other panellist a few times rudely (asking if the consoles were paying Occulus to speak highly of them, and to tell Ubisoft that Assasins Creed’s graphics at E3 were a lie), and went on a couple of long monologues that put me to sleep (literally).

After this, we dashed to the Fruitbat theatre because Rym was running another panel, this time on Losing!
Again, his talk was engaging as he discussed how although in general he hates losing, there are certain circumstances where losing can be beneficial and add to the game play! For example, in the tabletop rpg Wheel of Fire where failing dice rolls adds to your storyline or in the game, Five Nights at Freddy’s where you get a jump scare. In comparison, Super Mario Bros is a story of winning, losing isn’t part of the story. Dying means reloading until you don’t die


Ash and I remembered that we wanted to check out the EA lounge and play the demo of Dragon Age: Inquisition so we headed there! Stupid us didn’t realise how many people were already waiting to play the game and we were told it’d be a 2.5 hour wait to play so we decided we’ll come back the next day :( This was super upsetting for a couple reasons that I’ll discuss in the next post!


Disappointed, we headed back down to the Expo Hall and caught up with the rest of the crew.
We watched Kyon play Just Dance for quite some time lol, and then we all had a turn at a speed typing competition. The damn keyboard was broken lol so that half the time, it didn’t even register the keys we typed. I’m proud to say that I came #11 with a score of 0.486 seconds to type ‘Novatouch’ woo! OJ came #14 and Kyon got #25 :)



Ash and I got separated from the group again whilst we aimed to check out more of the expo hall.
Notably, we got to play an indie game on the Occulus Rift. With the developer pack being available to purchase, there was a couple of Occulus Rifts around the expo hall this year to try out (instead of waiting at the main Occulus Rift stall for ages lol). The game we tried was Dead End Alley. The aim of the game is literally just to chop as many zombies as you can before you die haha. The whole experience was alright but not as amazing as I thought it’d be!


Ashley then tried out another Occulus Rift indie game – ZVR Apocalypse. I… was not going to do this haha.
The zombies looked a hella lot more terrifying and I wanted to sleep peacefully so I sat nearby whilst Ashley lined up to play :P Hilariously, just before Ash’s turn, a girl was playing and she freaked out so much that she pulled the Occulus Rift off within 1 minute of having it on haha. Thank goodness I didn’t play lol! Of course, #Macho #Manly Ash said it wasn’t scary at all -_-‘ He said the game was pretty much a really, REALLY basic (read: bad) zombie shooter with the added gimmick of aiming with the Occulus. Whatever was in the centre of your vision was your target.



After receiving countless texts from Alex about being hungry, we ventured off to find the crew for dinner.
We attempted to wait for Kyon to finish his tournament for awhile, but then decided we were all too hungry to wait any longer :P We wanted to eat at Merrywell, which was conveniently right near us (PAX 2014 location was amazing) but with the races being on as well, there was no way we could get a spot. We ventured in to Crown next and again, all the restaurants in there were full, so we made it our mission to find a big enough table in the food court! After finding a table, Ash and I eventually decided we’d get takeaway from the Merrywell and just eat it in the food court haha.


After dinner, Ash and I ventured back to Pax whilst the rest headed off home.
We bumped in to Kyon, and we decided to paint some miniature together while Ash played some tabletops with some of his buddies. Unfortunately, the mini painting section closed at 10:00pm, so Kyon and I were kicked out before we got to finish ;A; but nevermind! The three of us headed to the Console gaming section and played Battle Stadium D.O.N (aka. Shounen Smash Bros) haha it was heaps of fun :P Then, we played Sonic Racing on the PS3 and maaaaannn, I really hate racing games but that might be because I suck at them considerably (especially vs-ing these guys).



I was super tired by this point, and luckily it was closing time so we had to leave haha.
On the way home, Ash and I stopped by the 7eleven near my place to stock on Mothers for the following day. Amusingly, the worker had accidentally locked himself out so we couldn’t get anything lol! Thankfully, he eventually found a way in.


2014 Blogger Kris Kringle

Hello hello! Yes, it is that time of the year again – Kris Kringle timeeeee!
This year, I’m blessed to be joined by two lovely ladies, Jennifer and Jasmine to help me run this shindig ♥


For those who haven’t participated in a Kris Kringle before, I’ll give a quick explanation on how it’s all done.
Pretty much, each person who have decided to partake in this will be randomly given another name in the group to buy a gift for. In the end, each person will have bought a gift for someone and will receive a gift from someone else in the group! It’s a super fun Christmas tradition and a great way to meet new people in the blogosphere!



Look how cute my awesome blogger friends are ♥ But yes, just like last year, we will be opening this Blogger Kris Kringle to international bloggers as well! Please make sure you read the details carefully when filling the form out!

If you would like to join, please fill the form below by AEST 11:59pm 30th November 2014!
(This is the same form as Jennifer’s and Jasmine’s, so you’ll only need to fill it out once)


1. You must be a blogger with a public blog
2.The minimum you must spend is $10AUD with the maximum of $20AUD
3.  You must send the package by the latest 12th December 2014!
4.  Write your name/blog address on a card in the package! (It’s fun to make new friends!)

Disclaimer: Your postal address won’t be shared with anyone except the person buying a present for you!

We’re all super excited for this to happen again! It’s an excellent way to connect with new bloggers and a great way to spread the Christmas love, so if you’re hesitant about joining in, please don’t! It’s heaps of fun and something you won’t regret participating in :) Please feel free to share the above image around by posting it on your sidebars :)

If you have any questions or worries, please feel free to contact one of us!!

 ♥    ♥  

Australia Pax Day 1

Hello! So this post is slightly late, mainly because after such an amazing weekend, we had to catch up on the ‘real world’. As mentioned in last year’s PAX post, we were super keen to go this year and purchased a 3 day pass as soon as they started selling tickets on their website (I might have done this during work sneakily).


Forgetting that normal people still had work (I took annual leave), I arrived at Ash’s house slightly late due to peak hour traffic. Not that it really mattered anyway -_- Ash wasn’t ready and Lawrence hadn’t arrived yet. After grabbing Huff for brekky, we began our drive to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. I would like to quickly mention that the new location was a humongous upgrade and just a whole lot better than last year’s Showgrounds.


The first thing that we had planned to do was attend a panel at 11am titled ‘How to Win Every Game‘. Now, as usual, we were running late lol. After parking, Ashley pretty much sprinted to hopefully get in on time (I slowly caught up to him). Unfortunately, Ash didn’t realise you needed to get the R18+ wristbands to get in the panel (even though the panel wasn’t R18+) so he had to run all the way back down and up two flights of stairs so he could be let in lol. Even though this wasn’t a large and popular panel, it was still freaking amazing. It was run by a guy named Rym who was an exceptional public speaker. He delivered an entertaining overview of some points of game theory, psychology and other random theories, all with the aim of applying them to winning every tabletop AND video game ever.

The panel ended and Ash was pretty happy at how it went, so he dragged me in to another nearby panel that he preplanned – “The Golden Age of Tabletop Gaming“. For some crazy reason, he wanted to sit in the front row…which turned out to be a bad move as the panel didn’t interest us and we couldn’t leave without looking rude ….SIGH! So what was so crap about this panel? Well, among many of the things he did say, one of his scintillating revelations was the recent spike in sales of boardgames at Target…. DAS GR8 THX M8!


It was finally time for lunch so of course, when we saw Baby Burgers (see here) we decided to get it! Unfortunately for us, their menu had changed and there was no dericious ‘Classic Baby’ for us to order :(  Instead, there was new burger (was some video game themed name but forgot what it was) which was alright but we both preferred their previous offerings. On the bright side, the chips and dip still tasted great! ♥

After eating, we finally headed towards the Expo Hall!!! *_* Wooo As always, this is clearly my favourite part of most conventions – especially PAX. There’s always just so many things to see, play and do. We wondered around for a bit, bumping in to friends here and there. But more importantly, we got to play games woo! Notable games that we played on Day 1 would be: Hand of Fate and Black Annex!


Celine and Martin, as always, doing amazing LoL cosplays of Riven and Talon!
Yep, these are about the only cosplays I took photos of since I’m too shy to ask randoms for photos :P


Our next panel was ‘Bioware: Stories You Can Play’ at 5:30pm, but we anticipated that lines would get crazy long with the imminent release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, so we headed to the Bioware Panel 1.5 hours early to ensure we got seats. It was no surprise that there was already a line, but thankfully we were still in the first handful of people who were lining up! About an hour in, the line was so freaking huge that it hit the other stairwell in the Exhib centre (attempted picture below)… we might have laughed at the incredulous looks on all the late comers faces when they were told to go all the way to the other side of the line lol. #earlybirdgetsgoodseats

Thankfully, all that waiting did get us good seats that were approximately 5-7 rows from the front! Woo.



The Bioware Boys : (L-R) Mike Laidlaw (Creative Director), Aidan Scanlan (Assistant Director of Design), Devon Gardner (Desktop Support) and Mark Wilson (Lead Technical Designer)

As possibly the pre-eminent storytellers in the industry, the boys from Bioware gave us a run down on story delivery in video games. Using their back catalogue – which itself paints a vivid tapestry of the western rpg – as a basis for discussion, starting from their inception with Baldur’s gate and all the way through to the present with Dragon Age: Inquisition, they explained how their narrative methods changed as technology updated. Of note, when Mike Laidlaw asked his Bioware buddies what their favourite use of ‘storytelling’ in a game was (excluding their own of course), each chose an indie! It was definitely an interesting panel, and if you would like to see it then you can over HERE!


After the panel ended, we headed off home. It would’ve been great to have stay at PAX longer on the Friday, but we had a post-PAX party waiting for us at Ash’s! After binging on KFC, the boys sat down to play 4-player Gauntlet as they were all too tired to play any sort of strategical board game, while I played Injustice on my PS Vita.

Remembering that I had to wake up early for Day 2, I fell asleep quite quickly :P
And that’s it for  Day 1. PAX DAY 2 will be up sooooon! (Quick shout out to Ash for helping me with this post)

♥ Birthday Hairrrrr

Hello hello! After holding out for a whole year, I finally got my hair dyed professionally again!
I’ve been really tempted to head to the hairdresser to dye it a couple times over the past year but the thought of all that $$$ coming out at once stopped me!! But as it was my birthday last week, I could finally spoil myself woooo

Now …the only problem was that I was meaning to cosplay as P3P’s FemC for Pax. Woops?
On that note, one of the Kinder kids at my work told me I looked like Ariel ♥ #bestmomentever

#TwinsButNot Birthday siblings : I might’ve forced him to take pics with me because my hair looked good mwahaha 

Anyway, I had a lovely birthday last week and was absolutely spoilt by my amazing loved ones ♥
I’ll do my proper dedication post to everyone eventually, but here’s a quick shout out to everyone who made my birthday so special with their love, hugs, presents, messages and well wishes!! xxx