Character Dress Up

   Apart from all the cute kids, my favourite thing about my job are all the dress up days!
In November, we organized a ‘Character Dress Up Week’ to raise money for the ALNF and mann, was that a huge hit amongst the kids and staff! As I work 4 days a week, I only needed 4 outfits #phewww.

I actually had different outfits I wanted to do, but I was err…too lazy to plan in advance lol.
So … DAY ONE was actually a last minute decision when I saw the pikachu hat in the city the day before haha. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise that Pokemon is really only a thing for people my age -_-” Only two Kinder (Korean) kids knew who I was lol #trust but the other children had no clue. They did guess rabbit a few times though haha ♥


Pikachu Hat (Critical Hit), Old Dress (Supre), Bandeau (Black Milk)

On the night of Day One, my mermaid top finally arrived in the mail!! Yessssss!
So DAY TWO, I became (modern) Ariel and it was a much better hit with the children yay! All the children recognised me and were excited to touch my “scales” haha. Of course, I did my hair the night before to stay in character ;)


Shell Top (Look Human), Mermemerald Leggings (Black Milk), Heels from Bf (Fillipo Raphael)

DAY THREE wasn’t anything special because I was leaving work early and didn’t wanna bother changing.
A Kinder kid insisted that my bear hat was actually a dog, as they woofed and patted my head lovingly hahaha ;A;

Odd but I have lots of random accessories like this bear hood lying around my room! and I hardly ever use/wear them hahaa

Bear Hood (Dangerfield), Dress (Asos)

DAY FIVE (as four was my off day!) I found some old clothes in my cupboard and put together ‘Where’s Wally?”
Again, most of the children didn’t really know who I was! Although to be fair, I didn’t look anything like Wally/Wanda because  I was too lazy/cheap to buy a beanie even lol. On a random note, two people (one kid and one adult, mind you) thought I was ‘Hello Kitty’ I guess that’s something too?! ahaha oh dear.


(No idea where the clothes are from cos they’re old, Fillipo Raphael heels from Bf!)

I actually love dressing up; it’s just too bad that I don’t get that many opportunities to do so!
I’m dying to wear my Mermaid outfit again… although to be honest, I’ll probably wear it to any old event :P

What crazy outfits have you worn?  

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