Crazy Hair Day

Hello! Last week, my work had a ‘Crazy Hair Day’ to support and fundraise for the ALNF!
After contemplating whether I should attempt some crazy hair-do with my own hair (super mohawk???), I opted for the easy yet bold statement of choosing to wear  a wig. I chose the one with the brightest and wildest clolour! (Random Fact: I’ve never actually worn this blue wig out of my house before despite it being the first wig I ever bought.)

I also leant Z a blonde wig for the day that can be seen in the picture below. Her first line of action? To run in to the Kinder Room and sing “Let it Go” hahahahaha. I think the kids were more scared than anything really :| #jks



A bunch of my co-workers were actually quite perplexed as to why I even had all these wigs lol!
They had never heard of the word ‘cosplay’ (except maybe 2) before and found the concept of it quite odd. I don’t really blame them lolol! Either way, the older staff members complimented my blue hair and even suggested I should dye my real hair blue lolz ! Too bad I actually really like red hair, otherwise I might’ve considered it hahaha

Anyway, as we were fundraising for the ALNF, I had to make some donation boxes for work.
I decided to be a bit more creative than usual and make these character boxes in hope that they would attract the interests of parents and kids to donate moneh! Verdict: The kids could recognize the characters and loved them yay!

Donation Boxes

Elsa, Hulk (with a mohawk) and Superman all want you to feed them with money!!
So…..who loves their job? Me :)

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