When reality hits you

Oh hello stranger ♥ I’m sure you’ve all noticed the infrequency of my posting lately. It’s the combination of working a lot, having too many assignments and wanting to spend my free time with people I like. So, just like old friends catching up.. I want to bring you all up to date […]

Hairdresser on fire

Oh hello there! How has everyone been faring for the past couple of weeks? I’ve been quite busy the past few weeks with assessments, work and …life ;^; ! But yes, there’s been so much happening in my life lately; one huge thing in particular that many of you would already know would […]

Ice Breaker

Earlier this year, I got to meet a long time reader of my blog, Natalie and her sister Kaylee ♥ As I’ve said countless of times in the past, I’ve always found it hard to meet people I’ve never communicated with properly before. But nevertheless, when an opportunity such as this appears, it […]