Monthly Noms: Feb

Hi there! Okay, I really should get my act together and start posting regularly !!! But hello yes. I bring forth some delicious food from the month of February. I also apologize if there isn’t any caption beneath some of them ..because my memory is failing me. And well, […]

The Experience: Intel Ultrabook

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Hello! I know you heard quite about the awesome Intel Ultrabook already… But I just wanted to add a little bit more on my experience of using it. Considering, I believe I mentioned how different it was for me since I usually use my desktop or […]

Macchiato Brown

Hello dear friends!! How has everyone been faring for the past few weeks? I’ve actually been quite busy for the past week or so with University classes and having a social life. But it’s been good! It’s good being able to get out of the house and trying out new things […]