Summer Nails

I absolutely love fruits and Summer is an awesome time to break out ze watermelon!!
As it’s currently Summer (even tho Melb doesn’t act like it) I thought I’d give these fimo nail deco a go that was kindly given to me by KkCenterHK! It was my first time using something like this, so apologies ..for the lack of talent.

You’re meant to slice these really thin so they won’t protrude ugly on your nails. Alas, I do not have such a skill so mine are all rather fat and obnoxious hehe. Although, I don’t think any sort of skill could make the bunch of grapes seem smaller because they were seriously huge.  (Unless your nails ..were super long? lol) But as you can see, I attempted to section off individual grapes to allow them to fit alongside on my other nails next to the other fruits.

I actually think they’re pretty cute but I was slightly confused as how to properly arrange them on my nails. I’m guessing it would be easier if my nails had been longer? But yes, to apply them on, I just stuck them down straight after a bottom coat. Then I applied an extra top coat to seal it down (except that massive grape one cos… what even.)

Buy them here, here, here and here. Or browse them all here!!

Although my experience wasn’t as successful as I thought it could’ve been ..they really are cute individually!
I definitely do recommend you guys to give something like this a go if you’re looking to spice up your nails heh. And please, give me some recommendations on how to style these without them looking so odd on my nails!! Or maybe I could use these for something other than nail decoration? Maybe …or item deco?

Have you ever used fimo nail deco?

Sponsored by KkCenterHK

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15 comments to Summer Nails

  • B

    I had to squint again to see if I was actually looking at fruits O_O This is the first I’ve even seen these! They look RAD! Hey hey, it takes skill to slice these fruits evenly! (claps) My my aren’t we generous with the ‘buy them’ links, you treat your readers too well Melody heh. You could totally stick them on like bobby pins or at the end tips of pencils or something hehe they’re adorable!

  • Aww, that’s really cute! I can’t wait for summer, too. It’s so rainy and cool yet :/ Didn’t even know that you can also use firmo for your nails. Looks awesome!

  • Mei

    I make Fimo stuff but I never
    used them for nail art :P
    Are they not to heavy on your
    nails? I think they look
    really cute! But I’m also
    scared that they might fall
    off very easily :P

    Mei recently posted…Ying and YangMy Profile

    • melludee

      Oooh I would love to see you use it on your nails since you’re so creative!! And mm, they’re not that heavy since they’re quite thinly sliced? If you stick them down when the nails are still wet + add a top coat, they’re very durable ..and hard to come off *~* !

  • i think you did a pretty good job ^^ i bought fimo sticks like 2 years ago & have still yet to figure out how to make cute nail art with them >.> I think they would be best used as deco items for phones/music players/cards etc – esp the really huge one O__O I’ve seen these used in acrylic nail but im not sure if you would wanna go to that much effort XD
    jennifer huang recently posted…[Update]: January 28th – February 3rdMy Profile

  • I feel like I should comment on this because, well, what the hell are those things?

    Thank God I’m a guy and I don’t have to deal with things like this.

    Though, I was part of a Skype call earlier today that lasted an hour, had eight guys and a single girl, and focused primarily on buying one of the guys his first suit. They spent thirty minutes just talking about what kind of tie would be good.

    Oranges recently posted…Our DeadMy Profile

    • melludee

      They’re little awesome things that give me super powers hoho
      And thank you for that interesting story of yours. I do hope that you ended up with a good tie (in which case, it probably means you didn’t pick it!! hahaha)

  • Wooow they look really cute! I’ve never seen these kind of nail decorations before. o: I’m usually too lazy to do anything beyond a simple coat of nail polish haha. c’:
    Hilary recently posted…UnicornMy Profile

  • melludee

    Of course .. you think with your stomach >:3

  • yaaay these nails are so colorful and cute! > 3<
    This is perfect for summer time!
    (i wish winter was already over here o_o)

  • awwww these look adorable and so fresh!! probably one of the cutest nail arts I’ve ever seen~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・
    ねこちゃん recently posted…Wishing for spring but it’s still a winter wonderlandMy Profile

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