Out in the Backyard

Hello amazing people. Hope all the Aussies had a good Australia Day! And hopefully, that the rest of you lot had a good and relaxing weekend. So, I threw this outfit on really quickly the other week and took a mini adventure to a place I […]

What’s in a Name?

As you all should know my real name is Melody ♫ ! (Shame on you if you didn’t) Unfortunately, I am not very musically inclined at all. But that doesn’t mean music doesn’t play an important factor […]

Australian Summer

Hi Hi! It’s currently Summer in Australia which means bright colours and sunnies for me! Although I’m quite adverse to the heat (ugh 40°c days!!) and the annoying mozzies (mosquitoes) that seem to pop up during this season, I still quite like Summer!! But, I should mention […]