Review: Colour Nine Moon Gray

It’s always such a lovely surprise when I get unexpected mail ! And even better when it’s from awesome mukuChu with new lenses for me to try out. I feel like a kid again opening them up, eager to see what colour and style I’ll be reviewing next *_* Aha, but .. enough […]

Outfit: I’m suddenly taller

Hello dear internet lurkers and fellow procrastinators! It is that dreadful time of the year again (exam period eek) and I hope that everyone undertaking exams at the moment is well! Special good luck to all the Year 12s who are about to graduate and take their final exams for high school! ♥


SAMA: Once Upon A Time

At the end of last month, I attended my club’s Social Night (/a uni ball) ♥ If you’ve been a reader for awhile, you would’ve known I’ve been going to this for the past two years now!

But yes, the theme for this year was Once Upon A Time ..and […]